C8 “THE LIST” of Booming City-Regions on the Corridoria Trade Route – Updated Sept 9, 2018


(( Updated with PS 4 about OBOR initiative from China))

((updates: Bratislava, Köszeg and Kumport added; Leicester added))

((Update dec.2106 : WEF article Best of 2016: Why is building a New Silk Road? ))

Since 2008 we all are in an economic crisis. Fortunately, in certain cities and city area’s recently business and industry is suddenly picking up speed. Examples are Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Bavaria in Germany (“Laptops und Lederhosen”).

Jobs corr

On closer inspection city area’s are booming in a trail from the middle  of the UK, through the Netherlands, the German Ruhr area, Bavaria, Austria all the way to Istanbul. It roughly follows the beds of the rivers Rhine and Donau.

Goederenstroom EU

I call this trail “Corridoria”. In this blog I establish the list of cities on it that trail that are or can be expected to flourish. It runs from the Atlantic coast of Ireland all the way to the Pacific coast in China. Since it connects Europa and China faster than by ship and less expensive than by plane, it may be interesting to invest in the cities on this Corridoria list and establish trading posts there in cooperation with trusted merchants and well connected logistic service providers. Connectivity is key to prosperity. It is not how good your city is, but how well it is connected. That is a lesson the worldwide trade routes of old told us. My Holland countrymen have have for centuries brought goods (and information) from A to B  on the seven sea’s. They where for many decades the only foreigners allowed to trade with Japan and they where invited to bring in medical, agricultural and biological knowledge. This is the paper no. 7 in this blog about the new Corridoria route, a band of city regions similar to the chain of ‘Hanze’ (Hanse = sharing) harbours; established between Baltic, N-Germany, Denmark and The Netherlands from 1241 onwards, with the main axis the sea routes between Novogorod – Reval (Tallin) – Lübeck – Hamburg – Brugge – London. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanseatic_League Haupthandelsroute_Hanse This anti piracy cooperative trade route was protected by the powerful knights of the ‘German Order’ and had Lübeck as northern ‘Gateway to the East’,  just like Venice in the south of Europe. From Venice (and Genua) the merchants where very successful in establishing trade routes with China and exchanging goods both ways on the Silk Routes. Most famous are the travels that Marco Polo made between 1271 and 1295 and his visits to the court of Koebilai / Koeblai Khan. He was the  first Chinese Emperor and used chains of fast runners (message couriers) to be quickly informed about important matters in his vast empire. Marco Polo route Corridoria is similar to the ancient camel caravan trails on the ‘Silk Routes’, between the European Mediteranian Sea and the Chinese coast, through Central Asia. Silk Route voor Corridoria The objective of cooperation on the Corridoria Trail, just like the Hanze and Silk Routes, is to boost prosperity along this transit route by commerce and trade of goods, supported by logistic information flows and fast ICT services. Both road and rail links (where available) will be used, along with river transport and ferries. And it will be a good investment to dig in a number of optic fiber cables to set up low latency “light paths” for Flash Boys along the Corridoria Trail between the city’s. Plastic buizen My proposal is to establish free trade zones between cities on this Corridoria Trail by commercial entrepreneurs who trust each other and understand the mutual interest of TRANSIT of goods and information along a trail. Certain parts of Corridoria are already booming by looking outside their city territories also. ‘All boats on this channel’ will thus be raised, like it brought prosperity, culture and higher qualities of life along the ancient routes too.


* A. Galway harbor (West side of Ireland)

* B. Athlone

* C. Dublin

* D. Holyhead harbour

* E. Liverpool

* F. Stoke-on-Trent  Pottery revival !!!

* G. Shrewsbury

* H. Birmingham

* I. Coventry

  • Leicester

* J. Cambridge

* K. Ipswich

* L. Harwich harbour

* M. Rotterdam harbour area including Delft. Also from the NL and Belgian coast two other parallel chains in EuroDelta: M1: IJmuiden – Amsterdam – Utrecht – Rhenen – Wageningen-Nijmegen – Till – P. Venlo.  M2: Antwerp – O. Eindhoven

* N. Tilburg

* O. Eindhoven

* P. Venlo

* Q. Duisburg

* R. Düsseldorf

* S. Koln = Cologne

* T. Frankfurt

* U. Darmstadt

* V. Heidelberg

* W. Karlsruhe

* X. Pforzheim

* Y. Stuttgart

* Z. Ulm

* 36. Augsburg

* 35. München

* 34. Salzburg

* 33. Linz

* 32. Wien (Vienna),   Köszeg,   Bratislava

* 31. Budapest, Timisoara

* 30. Szeged

* 29. Beograd (Belgrado)

* 28. Nis

* 27. Sofija

* 26. Plovdiv

  • Kumport

* 25. Istanbul – Turkey

Dia1 * 24. Ankara – ,,

* 23. Sivas  – ,,

* 22. Tabriz – Iran

* 21. Tehran – ,,

* 20. Mashhad – ,,

* 19. Merw (Mary) – Turkmenistan

* 18. Bouchara (Buxoro) – Oezbekistan

* 17. Samarqand              –  ,,

* 16. Tasjkent                  – ,,

* 15. Simkent- Kazakhstan

* 14. Taraz-    ,,

*14a Bisjkek  ”

* 13. Alma-Ata (Almaty) – Kazakhstan

* 12. Tary   ,,

* 12a Horgos – Kazachstan

* 11. Alashankou (Altaw, Ala Tau) – China

* 10. Jinghe       – ,,

* 9. Urumqi    – ,,

* 8. Kumul       – ,,

* 7. Anxi/ Yumen      – ,,

* 6. Lanzhou   – ,,

* 5. Xi’an         – ,,

* 4. Zheng-Zhou – ,,

* 3.  Kuzhou     – ,,

* 2. Nanjing    – ,,

* 1. Shanghai (Changhai) harbour  – China

****> Is your city not on this LIST?  Then you better move your business to one of the cities mentioned. Or persuade me, accompanied with recent relevant growth statistics, to add your city to it here. I can be reached at vantill  on gmail . And, please mail me if your city name is not spelled right and you want me to correct it.

This is version is updated on July 17 , 2017. Jaap van Till, Connectivist (and Count of Corridoria)


Postscriptum 1 : My famous collegue Paul Budde in Australia wrote the following blog about what drives this “String of Cities that are well connected” phenomenon:  http://www.buddeblog.com.au/frompaulsdesk/hanze-silk-route-and-gigabit-cities/

Postscriptum 2: On Wednesday May 21 I have delivered a very brief lecture about this subject. See: https://tnc2014.terena.org/core/presentation/112    Here are the slides: TNC2014JvT5  The last slide shows that Corridoria will be part of a global string of cities grid I call PlanetBrain.org PlanetBrain.org SlidePostscriptum 3: I must clarify that Corridoria is not simply a line linking Gigabit cities with highways, rail-links and optic fiber cables; but more like a hotel corridor including the rooms with people in them on the corridor. The contributing unique orthogonal people of Corridoria will form a flocking community in which value is created with synergy by interconnection. Just like the Hanze was, a broad band of cities. Corridoria will be a broad band of people connected in gigabit city-regions similar to this necklace: Gaia's necklace In the case of the global brain backbone PlanetBrain.org  I call it “Gaia’s Necklace“. The video recording of may 21  “Lightning Talk” lecture in Dublin can be seen on https://tnc2014.terena.org/web/media/archive/10B  ( 13:04 to 18:21 ) #

PS 4 Update January 2017 about The New Silkroute initiative of China:

It is rather obvious for me that a direct link from Istanbul through central Europe to Duisburg and Rotterdam&Antwerp (as proposed in this Corridoria List) would be much more preferable than by way of a detour through Moskow. Not only because the population density along the Corridoria Route is much higher, and thus more profitable for China and Europe.


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