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The Way Ahead 2 : Rethinking Interconnected Europe in the twenty-first century

The following shortened article by political scientist Ulrike Guérot is, although long, extremely relevant IMHO to help the definition process of a future for Europe, post-Brexit, called “Network Europe 21” .  Hat tip to Felix Stalder on Nettime  and Michael Gurstein … Continue reading

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P2P Cooperatives Should Revolve Around Shared Values

  I recommend this lecture by the famous Yochai Benkler (Harvard). This is spot on since it shows that P2P Cooperatives must have a SHARED CORE ( a Commons) from the start that is not centrally power-controlled (state) or commercialy exploited … Continue reading

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The cyber-age demands a ‘Politics Of the Spirit’

(Liberty Statue at the students demonstration in Hong Kong 2014) Article written by Indra Adnan , re-blogged with her permission. I hope it will in-SPIRE you and many others to flock together and help construct  a positive future for all. … Continue reading

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