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About Our Connected Future, 3: Patterns of Complexity of World Society

One of the necessary big transformations towards the future is the change of view & policies from: [studying fragmented issues/ symptoms that might be correlated/ connected] to:   [finding patterns (repeated and causated) in the WHOLE interconnected complex organic grown … Continue reading

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About Our Connected Future. 2: “Connecting People to Prosperity in the Exponential Age”

This a must-read re-blog from Singularity Hub It was also reposted by the P2PFoundation blog and the Collective Intelligence blog. I consider it as one of the most clear update on the way ahead we together face. It liks … Continue reading

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About Our Connected Future 1 : Cisco’s new positioning

Dear all, I have taken the liberty to repost an excellent article in The Economist. You know they live on an island slowly sliding away. But this is very impressive journalism 🙂 about the whole ICT industry and our DIGITAL … Continue reading

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Innovative Nazava Waterfilters can Improve Lives of Millions Their website is on ======================== Safedrinking water, for everyone, everywhere PT Holland For Water provides the best affordable and safest household water filters in Indonesia under the brand name Nazava Water Filters. We enable lower income households to filter … Continue reading

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Never a Dull Moment

Yes I admit it, I am a Twitter trans-bubble addict. If you are curious, unlikely & unexpected things flow by constantly. After hours and hours of reading Tweets I start to look a bit like this: PS. I love girls … Continue reading

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What Makes Cities Bloom and Prosper?: Connected and Cooperating People

This is the title of chapter 8 that I wrote in a book*) about “Smart Cities”, see picture. ============part of chapter===== What Makes Cities Bloom and Prosper?: Connected & Cooperating People Jaap van Till Prof Emeritus Network Architecture and Digital Infrastructures, Tildro … Continue reading

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Remember Jo Cox MP

Last year UK Labour MP Jo Cox was stabbed to death by a fascist extremist while she was campaigning for ‘Remain in the EU’. Wish she could have been alive today to see brave young people fighting at the GE2017 … Continue reading

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