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Russia Unfit for International Cooperation

On 71th Commemoration Day of #CrimeanTatars mass #deportation to Siberia, in May 1944, memorial sign in #Crimea blocked by car. So that people wouldn’t bring flowers. But they did. Civilised people respect mourning for people who died. Barbarians don’t. Not only time and … Continue reading

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Patterns for the Future, my lecture March 27 2017 in Wassenaar, NL.

Here are my sheets, PDF you can download, ===> Lezing WassenaarJvT 27mrt2017  (CC) licence type 3.   You can hire me to present this lecture at your place or University. Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist

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Are the UK Brexit and USA POTUS Elections Invalid ? U-1

According to The Guardian of March 4 2017, the Privacy Watchdog (see @ICOnews ) of the UK has launched an inquiry about the massive profiling of voters and possible influencing the choices of these “targets” using big data tools. This would cripple what … Continue reading

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Women in ICT: they are Amazingly Good

To celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March, ITU News is running a special series of blog posts on women in information and communication technologies (ICTs). All week, we’re featuring stories about women in tech and global programmes to accelerate … Continue reading

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Democracy ? It is Gone. U-1 (update)

This is a second blog about who and what is really behind Trump, Fagage, Bannon etc. First was  You are not only watched (by Barbie Doll, Samsung TV, GCHQ, NSA, RU, CHIN Govt) but your mind’s perception and choices are … Continue reading

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This Still Moves Me When I see It. U-2

– (( Click on the screen to see this film  )) In 1984 (!)  I did see, at the press conference in Holland, the gospel that Steve Jobs expressed at the introduction of the Apple Macintosh personal computer: his … Continue reading

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Van MEER naar BETERE Verbindingen

((update 26 April: XS$ALL gaat van 50/5 naar 80/8 )) ((update 27 febr: Australische ACM (ACCC) is her ook mee bezig , zie PS.) Open Brief aan de Autoriteit Consument en Markt ( ACM ),  dd. 26 febr 2017 RE: … Continue reading

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