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The WOOD Wide Web

1. Hat tip to Marleen Stikker of De @Waag in Amsterdam for the brilliant interview she gave on #VPRO #Zomergasten TV last week. One of the mindset shifting issues she presented, which are very inspiring and wonderful, is the finding … Continue reading

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a. When Martians visit our planet they will probably conclude that the most prevalent life form moving around here is “the Car”.  In fact millions of metal boxes driving on wheels with a weak content:  humans.  But what will puzzle them more … Continue reading

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Er gaat WEL iets boven GRONINGEN en boven DUITSLAND: kankerverwekkend roet, afkomstig uit de ESD-SIC fabriek in Delfzijl.

  Al meer dan 10 jaar is het bij (Provinciale)/ Gedeputeerde Staten van Groningen, ambtelijke bijstand én ESD-SIC zelf, bekend, dat: –  het bedrijf ESD-SIC in Delfzijl haar productieproces niet beheerst; –  er vanuit ontploffende ovens frequent zogenaamde ‘blazers’ optreden én –  er daardoor kankerverwekkend (asbestachtig) bèta-siliciumcarbide en andere … Continue reading

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Important: the ICCS 2018 Conference in Cambridge, MA; July 22-27

Update July 30: I did present my idea’s at the conference last week Wednesday afternoon to very interested people who gave me very valuable feedback and links.. The conference was a great success. 600 very well educated and from a … Continue reading

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Improved IN-house Wi-Fi by using Plastic Optic Fibre (POF)

Problem: The Router/hub you have connected to the Internet cable (ADSL/VDSL/ Cablemodem/ Optic Fiber FttH cable) has Wi-Fi but it reaches only a couple of rooms. The walls decreases the broadband you thought you would get. You can buy Wi-Fi … Continue reading

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My Flashtalk in Berlin about AI and Deep Organizations

This is the “flashtalk” I was invited to present in Berlin at the Alexander von Humboldt Institut fur Internet und Gesellschaft (#HIIG) at the “AI und Uns” Workshop. #AI applied to Self Governing Organizations: Here are the SHEETS:  Flashtalk vanTill Berlin AIworkshop Jaap … Continue reading

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Steps towards the Transition from Old Power to New Power: Dirk Helbing’s Lectures.

Dear readers and viewers. this is one of my shortest blogs but one with a high impact I guess. If you are curious what is happening during the Transition, why and by whom, I strongly recommend you watch the Video’s … Continue reading

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