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The Revolt, my Lightning Talk about what to do next

  See PDF of my sheets at =====>>  LightningTalk JvT   Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist

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Oppression and Liberty, the views of Simone Weil

This is heavy stuff. Sauron and the black magicians of Mordor will not like it that I write about them. Nor will the 1%ers, MBA profiteers, capitalists and power hungry dicktators who are building up their loyal hierarchies of nationalist … Continue reading

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Disruptive Children should be Celebrated and Connected

Great TEDx.Amsterdam Talk Nov. 29, 2018 Debbie Reber gave a very impressive and important Ted Talk (see the Video at ) about children who are “different” non average, and are treated like non-performers in schools or are even made dumb … Continue reading

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Over Rechts-Populisme, radio interview Deutschlandfunk met Heitmeyer

Hierbij de eerste actuele Duits -> Nederlandse vertaling van een recent radiointerview. Let op: het is niet automatisch mijn mening. De vertaler meldt mij dat de vertaling nogal algorithmisch is dus mogelijk fouten bevat. In geval van twijfel beveel ik … Continue reading

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The Paths of the Enlightened

Somewhere while I was sitting at the border of the Social Media Rivers floating by, i picked this up. I have no idea who wrote this. Enjoy and may Light shine on your path…….. jaap van till, TheConnectivist

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About Success: The Formula

Message from Albert-László Barabási, famous for his research and books on complex network dynamics. I recommend YOU read this! Jaap van Tiil, The Connectivist Dear Friends and Colleagues, I am writing to share some good news: The Formula: The Universal Laws of … Continue reading

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The Survival of The #Weavelets

(Draft page: still incomplete and imperfect just like real life (updated Nov 21 2018) Introduction This is real good news for our long term general interest. With the help of prof. Peter Corning’s recent publications, I can now present a … Continue reading

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