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The Survival of The #Weavelets

(Draft page: still incomplete and imperfect just like real life)(updated Oct 21) Introduction This is real good news for our long term general interest. With the help of prof. Peter Corning’s recent publications, I can now present a view on … Continue reading

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Gilles Hutchings shows the Direction

Gilles has been presenting his view on the way to go for a number of years. And it is now becoming clear every day during these turbulent times in what direction the global consciousness Transition is moving. Faster and faster. … Continue reading

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AMS-IX knotenpunkt traffic is Growing Again since Aug-Sept

Snapshot of Graph of AMS-IX traffic on October 11, 2018. Good news. The total digital dataflow traffic of one of the biggest Internet Exchanges in the world,  AMS-IX is growing sharply since August and September 2018. At the “Amsterdam Exchange”, … Continue reading

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Seven ways misinformation spread during the 2016 USA election

This Article is reblogged from The Medium and was originally posted by the Knight Foundation. It fits and complements the findings of the “Propaganda” book by Benkler c.s. see Hat tip to Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation for drawing … Continue reading

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WakaWaka (solar powerpack and light source) has relaunched

Good news! The best and most rugged solar battery for outdoor (hiking)  use is the”Waka-Waka”. The brand also helps hundreds of thousands of children in refugee camps and remote off-grid areas to read and learn at night. And the”Waka-Waka” company … Continue reading

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Network Propaganda = Empirical Study by prof Benkler: recent USA Media Ecosystem

Prof. Yochai Benkler, well known scholar at the Harvard – [ Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, Twitter: @BKCHarvard ] has announced the publication of an important new book, written with two colleagues, called “Network Propaganda – Manipulation, Misinformation, … Continue reading

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Charles Kao, inventor of Fibre Optic Technology, passed away. May he RIP.

I am saddened to hear of the recent passing of Sir Charles Kuen Kao – the father of fibre optic technology, in 1962 *).  Professor Kao’s work allows millions of people all over the globe to stay connected. Thanx. *) … Continue reading

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