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New Handbook “Innovation in Interactive Systems”

Dear readers of this blog. I have the honour to announce the upcoming publication of an important and ground breaking scientific research book, which you can preorder from now on. See below. It will be on sale in March 2021. … Continue reading

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The Success of the Commons

To Co-Operate (work together) is not so easy as it sounds. In the best case you can generate Value together by the mysterious process of Synergy. The Fourth Network effect of Van Till’s Law does apply then. See: Worstcase, … Continue reading

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Octopus: a collective intelligence with distributed authority

The reblog below is fascinating, and about “consciousness” other than our own ?? Some people have even suggested that octopi are Aliens. jaap van till, TheConnectivist ======== re-blogged from the BrainPickings blog The Soul of an Octopus: How One of … Continue reading

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Coordination between People in Swarms

We live in turbulent times. Hierarchies with central command & control no longer work: it is too slow and information flow between top and bottom is limited and often incomplete or inaccurate & outdated. Long time ago there was no … Continue reading

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