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WATER = LEVEN, Leef Jij ?

Mijn advies: bestel dit adembenemende boek !!  ~ jaap van till, theconnectivist # “De Schoonheid van Water, goud van de toekomst​”. Giovanna Gomersbach   Het Geschenk van 2015… – ​Wil je een p​review ontvangen? ​  – Of intekenen & bestellen voor het drukwerk?  – Je … Continue reading

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T-Mobile Recommended as Mobile Provider for City-String Corridoria

Announcement By the constructive and connective power vested in me I recommend T-Mobile as the preferred mobile network access provider in the string of city-regions of Corridoria. See the updated list on T-Mobile connects people with a wide diversity of … Continue reading

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German Government issues Ruling for Broadband Infrastructure Rollout

On October 22, 2015, the German Government, after discussion with many segments of society, accepted and issued a clear “Richtlinie: Förderung zur Unterstützung des Breitbandausbaus in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland“. It has government approval and thus force of law in Germany. The Bundesministerium … Continue reading

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(Future 10) Three More ‘Must Read’ Books about our Future

Recommended reading if you want to know what is Changing Fast. I. “Exponential Organizations” Exponential Organizations: Why new organizations are ten times better, faster, and cheaper than yours (and what to do about it) Paperback – October 14, 2014 by … Continue reading

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(Future 9) : New Economic Philosophy: “Network Economies of Abundance” by Melanie Swan

Schematic of Fig. 1 downloadable from: : ((This article reposted here was published earlier in Sept 14: and in “the Broader Perspective” blog on September 13, 2015: )) A New Kind of Economic Philosophy: Network Economies of Abundance Melanie Swan … Continue reading

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(Future 8) Fractanomics – The Issue of Scale in the Network Economy (repost from my 1997 version)

Fractanomics – The Issue of Scale in the Network Economy ((Version 1.0 Oct. 2015, updated from draft version 0.3; November 12, 1997)) Summary: Not the size of your organsation counts, but how well it is externaly connected and fitted to … Continue reading

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Handbook for Non-Violent Activism (FDTD)

The full handbook is on: And the explanation why Gene Sharp wrote it is on: Core idea is that disobedience to the dictator and his central power elite & troops, is more effective than any physical weapons. The … Continue reading

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Alinsky’s Rules for Legit Non-Violent Rebels

Saul Alinsky, political activist in downtown Chicago for legitimate social causes, in the late 1960’s, formulated a number of guidelines to be successful for non-violent rebels in grass roots social movements. See Here are the 4 most potent ones: … Continue reading

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Statues of Liberty and the Goddess of Freedom

The first version of the “Statue of Liberty” by sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, (freemason) was erected in Paris 1870 in the Jardin du Luxembourg.  Before beginning the Statue of Liberty project, Bartholdi was seeking a commission to construct a giant statue of the … Continue reading

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Trailer of “The Connected Universe” Film

Very impressive and inspiring film trailer: ====== Do you know how you are connected to all 7, 273,405, 490 people in the world?     Do you understand the connection that you share with all living things and also which … Continue reading

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