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First Day at School: you get EduRoam Network Access

Remember that first day you went to school or university. Exiting, new friends and a whole new world openend up for you. These week that happens to millions of eager, baffled and starry eyed kids and students all over the … Continue reading

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DNA: The Code of Life

Link 1 :  for First video Link 2  : for Second video Introduction. At the recent SHA2017 (Still Hacking Anyway) computer hackers camp in Zeewolde (The Netherlands) there was this FANTASTIC two part lecture by Bert Hubert, called “DNA the … Continue reading

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The Global INTERconnection Index

This interesting report, about the growth in the worldwide digital economy, is in Dutch. I quess you can ask Equinix for this report in other languages. You can download the PDf of this report here ===> INTERconnection index 2. To … Continue reading

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About Digital Money Disruption

Below I have re-blogged, with permission by the author, an important article : . The author mentions in it another important fact you should know: ” triple-entry accounting “. Here are two observations about this article. IMHO currencies should … Continue reading

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Books and other Disruptive Innovations

(( Sept 5 Link added to HBR article about Disruptive Innovations)) ((August 20, 2017 Update: added a must see Video lecture of Tony Seba about Disruptions in Energy and Transportation)) Recently this “Big Books question” which was posed on Instagram … Continue reading

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A Lecture of dr. Kim Veltman

Dr. Veltman is an amazing Maestro Culturalis. One of the few very learned men on this planet. For that reason I have assigned to him the task of Chief Librarian of Corridoria. One of his own masterpieces is the book about … Continue reading

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