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Forrest Network; How Trees Communicate Underground, basis for #Synthecracy

Update: December 2020 A MUSTREAD article in the NYT recently made the idea of forest-ecologies growing into a complex LIFEFORM more public knowledge. And forcing a rethink of logging !! This recent research has two important consequences: a. it … Continue reading

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The Touching Truth Behind the Eye Contact Experiment

Originally posted on Inspiralight:
Where Did the Idea Come From? We came up with the idea after noticing a common thread of isolation in today’s society. This video aims to address the vulnerability that is often avoided in making sustained eye…

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Map of the Long Haul Fiber Optical Cable Links in the USA (Updated oct 12)

The Popular Science article describes a map made by combining multipe sources of maps and what is even more relevant it dcscribes certain important qualities, like latency, for this basic tele-communication infrastructure. And similarities with the rail and road grids. … Continue reading

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(Future 6) Our Mind-Meld Future – WE are The Singularity

Source: Our Mind-Meld Future – WE are The Singularity

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(Future 5) 2015-16 State of the Future

Source: 2015-16 State of the Future

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New Holland Heroes: Crownstone Launched on Kickstarter

Crownstone, the smart power outlet that recognizes you and your devices. ((Update October 2015. Response was very high in Europe, so design manufacture and sales will be more focussed on EU first, resulting in new lower prices there. )) Now … Continue reading

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(Future 4) Een Toekomst Troonrede 2015

Lezing gehouden op 14 september 2015 in Wassenaar voor de KIVI Senioren Kring over technische & sociale ‘verbindingen’  en hoe die onze toekomst kunnen gaan be-invloeden. Hierbij de sheets: KIvI SeniorenDH JvTsheets5d Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist

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Happy 25th Birthday of IEEE 802.11 – Wi-Fi –

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of IEEE 802.11, the press is active to cover the event. My friend Vic Hayes (a Dutchman), aka “The Father of Wi-Fi”,  was one of the people interviewed by Rick Merrit: (including 10 photo’s). Other … Continue reading

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What IS Internet ? Sept. 3, 2015 version

((This is not The Internet [text stolen from René Magritte’s Pipe painting] , it shows the many thousands of links between AS addresses some years ago)) = Introduction Since a few years politicians from many nation state governments have started … Continue reading

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