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Caveat Emptor = Let the Buyer Beware

That is what the Romans already said and used as basis for judging legal fights over faulty products or services. The Seller can promise you fantastic things, but in the end if you bought the fairytale of the advertisement it … Continue reading

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Connectivity Rules: Ziggo Hotspots from Homes

Ziggo, one of the two major cable(TV) companies in our country The Netherlands, has done something clever. The cablemodems they shipped to and installed in their clients homes (more than 2  million of our total of 7 million homes) which … Continue reading

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Connectivity Rules OK: Submarine Optical Fiber Cables, Dec 2020 version

Update December 2020: Article 2019 New York Times: Update May 29 2016 : Subtelforum Almanac issue 18. See below. Update March 9  2016 : WEF message on Twitter: includes good video to explain. World Economic Forum ‏@wef  How does … Continue reading

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Power Shifts

Yes powershifts are visible all around you. From Push Economy production companies to Pull Economy co-creation and prosumers. From large Nation States to small (or large) independent self sustainable Communities in Cooperatives and Commons. From few big ones to many … Continue reading

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Synthetic Overview of the Collaborative Economy: Chapter 1: When the Vertical Meets the Horizontal

Originally posted on Social Network Unionism:
See on – Occupy P2P Alternatives See on

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