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Fantastic speech of Yaneer about the handling of COVID-19 in the world

Very inspiring video !!! Yaneer Bar-Yam on Coronavirus at ICCS 2020 – on YouTube : Posted with permission. 2. Yaneer and his team of smarties in Cambridge MA. USA helped to coordinate the WHO actions to stop the spreading … Continue reading

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The Human Swarm, basis for Synthecracy 10

This book by the brilliant boundary spanner Mark W. Moffett is highly recommended. It came to my attention at the spectacular ICCS 2020 ┬áComplexity Conference (virtual this year)┬álast week in July 2020, where Mark Moffett gave a wonderful lecture about … Continue reading

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Re-Connecting to the Well of Life, basis 9 for Synthecracy

Dear readers of my blogpages, Below is an exceptional strong blog about the turbulent TRANSITIONS we are in right now. Giles Hutchins has published an earlier version of this message on in June 2018, but has added very important … Continue reading

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