Fantastic speech of Yaneer about the handling of COVID-19 in the world

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 16.38.17Very inspiring video !!!

  1. Yaneer Bar-Yam on Coronavirus at ICCS 2020 – on YouTube :

Posted with permission.

2. Yaneer and his team of smarties in Cambridge MA. USA helped to coordinate the WHO actions to stop the spreading of Ebola in Africa and is now coordinating effective actions in a number of countries to stop de spreading of Covid-19 illness (Corona virus). I guess that he helped to save hundreds of thousands of human lifes.

3. This speech was in fact the Opening Address to the community of several hundred Zoom-attendees at the 10th Complexity Conference, monday July 27 – Friday July 31; normally held about every two years in Cambridge, MA, USA.

Prof. dr. Yaneer Bar-Yam on monday morning welcomed, on behalf of the Excecutive Committee, the scientific conference crowd, from many countries and many different sectors;  and the very clever support crew of young mathematicians, physicists and biologists. Also people from the DoD and Financial sector where present. And could learn practical things from eachother. This part was not recorded on the video, but I summarized it here.

PS The wonderful story of ” the Holy Man allowed to visit Hell before he did enter Heaven” was introduced in the Middle Ages and still is a forceful image of what Empathy can DO. As it is a core driver for righteous people, doing the right thing to others at the right time and the right place in many religions.

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