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Important new book : New Power

At last there is “New Power”, a book that describes how to bottom-up WEAVE Online Communities into swarms of Positive Participating People. Cases are analysed in which people interconnect, participate, cooperate and contribute meaning that can be synthesised, so it … Continue reading

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The Connected Universe film

As TheConnectivist I highly recommend that you see this film “The Connected Universe” . It may change (or confirm) the mindset of your view on reality. From focussing on central “nodes”  to focussing on the “links/connections” between them. Their DUAL … Continue reading

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(Updated March 11, 2018: lecture in Zurich) Dear readers, Prof. Dirk Helbing has published a remarkable set of constructive proposals for CHANGE  to improve life on this planet and give society a shared vision to work on. I will post … Continue reading

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The Real Problem we will have to face together to Survive = Fascism

Fascism is formally called “Autoritarianism” (= preference of a central strong man hierarchical rule;  does that ring a bell?). Popular ‘populist’ politicians, who see themselves as the strong leader, and attack democracy, feed on the promises that authoritarianism make. Somebody … Continue reading

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Internet Pioneer John Perry Barlow (70) passed away, may he RIP.

[[ ]] Barlow passed away on February 8, 2018. He was a great inspirator for freedom of expression online and coined the name “Cyberspace” (the worldwide Civil Society community of online connected people, freely imagining & sharing & creating thoughts … Continue reading

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Lecture: Why our future world will be organised in a more decentralized way.

This is what the hot-shots in Davos should have seen !! This lecture by prof. Dirk Helbing  was presented yesterday Thursday January 25 in Bienne near Bern, Switzerland. Information about the workshop: That means it was organised by The Internet … Continue reading

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Sheets van de “Beter Breedband” lezing bij ALV PiratenPartij 21 jan. Utrecht

Omdat er geen beamer zal zijn kunnen mensen de plaatjes bij mijn praatje meelezen, en wel HIER===>  ALV PPNLJvT Het gaat over het marktfalen voor de nodige verbetering van de Digitale Infrastructuur in ons land, en wat we er samen aan … Continue reading

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