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What makes the Corona Virus so Viral?

via What makes the Corona Virus so Viral?

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What makes the Corona Virus so Viral?

. By ir.Jaap van Till,   27 maart 2020. Updated: March 30. Translated into English March 29 . In recent weeks people asked me frequently: “How does the Corona Virus spread so fast?”. I am happy that they admit so frankly … Continue reading

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Wat is Virale Groei ?

door ir.Jaap van Till,   27 maart 2020. Updated: 28 maart. . De afgelopen weken vragen mensen mij vaak: ‘Hoe komt het dat het Corona Virus zich zo snel verspreidt?’. Ik ben blij dat zij er zo eerlijk voor uitkomen dat … Continue reading

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The Remarkable Online Curator Gordon Cook Passed Away

Gordon Cook died on March 18 2020 as a result of the injuries and complications of an unfortunate fall. A description of what Gordon did can be seen on May he Rest in Peace after a eventful life of … Continue reading

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Sheets van mijn korte lezing over #ElektroMesh

Deze lezing gaat over het project wat wij in NL aan het opstarten zijn om op het gebruik van elektrische energie te besparen en dus CO2 uitstoot te verminderen, en om de door zonenergie en windmolens (renewable energy sources) veroorzaakts … Continue reading

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Transitions Ahead in the German Car Industry

Some people say that the “Auto Industrie” IS Germany. It is their pride and joy. About 850.000 people work in and around their factories. And sales of Audi’s VW’s Mercedeses, Porches are still doing well all over the world for … Continue reading

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Pioneers are Motors of Innovation

Yes this is a book I can recommend from the bottom of my heart, being a pioneer all my life. A bit loony too? Absolutely so are my children and grandchildren, autistic and creative. A mixed blessing since it is … Continue reading

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