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Holland Ingenuity 2: ‘eduroam’ for visiting students and researchers on campus.

At the closing plenary of the recent TERENA Networking Conference TNC2012 (for National Research and Education Networks) Klaas Wierenga has been presented with a small gift as a token for his high impact contribution ideas to start a roaming function … Continue reading

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Holland Ingenuity 1: NXP develops IPv6 adressable LED Lamps

NXP Semiconductors N.V.,  which is a spinoff from Philips Electronics in The Netherlands, has developed the GreenChip iCFL and iSSL chipsets (watch the video!) with IPv6 adresses, that can be built in to energy saving fluoresence- and LED lamps. The chipset was … Continue reading

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Cooperation DOES work and is visible all over Nature

See:  (in the Dutch language) About two “Must Read” books: “Super Cooperators” by Martin Nowak with Roger Highfield (2011) “The Social Conquest of Earth” by Edward O. Wilson (2012)

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Network Nerds

This is a nice compact film why Network Nerds, like me, go on constructing internet: Yes, because we can !!  (video from the TV series Big Bang) But also because we have this irrational urge to repair and improve things … Continue reading

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Facebook’s Motor

Top European politicians have suddenly realized that balancing their budgets by cutting costs is only part of the equation. They have started to sound the drums on “how can we GROW faster by value generation? Well, Nobel Prize winner Douglass … Continue reading

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