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“Nuit Debout”: the Young want CHANGE Now = #euSpring =#globalDebout

  (( Update April 28: call for action in France)) This is what I understand has happened the last 12 days in Paris and many other cities in France. (Note: has now spread to Belgium, Spain and Greece too). 1. … Continue reading

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‘The Institute of Network Architects’ has been Established

1. Today, April 7, 2016, I have the honor and the pleasure to announce that ‘The Institute of Network Architects’ has been establised.  Domain name : instituteofnetworkarchitects The mission of this Institute is to let its members (by invitation only) … Continue reading

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My Lectures in Hungary, April 25 and 26, 2016

I was invited to give the following lectures and discussions about Knowledge Infrastructures. Here you can download the sheets I used : Koszag JvT sheets4 ================================================================ Jaap van Till: ” Transitions”  – Some complex structures suddenly collapse and others burst into life … Continue reading

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Voor de Toekomst van Uw KINDEREN

I Inleiding Het is prachtig dat er een serie initiatieven is gestart om kinderen op scholen in ons land: Te leren zelf te programmeren en websites te bouwen. Dit is onder de slogan “Learn to Code” overgewaaid uit Engeland.  Daar … Continue reading

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What is Blockchain technology – Vinay Gupta explains

This is important and relevant. Its impact will be felt way outside of ICT and transactions that rely on TRUST.  Introduction Key to the Network Society under construction is that everything in the value chains that do not (or only … Continue reading

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What Use Are “Shell Companies” in Offshore TaxHavens

((source: , see under “responses” below)) . You can see on this chart that there is a whole spectrum of uses of offshoring money to tax havens.  From legitimate  all the way to very criminal. So it is not … Continue reading

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Zoomable World Map of Internet Exchanges (IX’s), updated version

This map  shows the locations of Internet Exchanges. At IX’s network providers do “peering ” (transfer of internet packets to be delivered by the peering partner on the basis of about equal traffic of both providers that do peering) and … Continue reading

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