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Digital Democracy in Taiwan, basis 8 for Synthecracy

Updated Jan. 31 2021 Article in Wired Nov. 19 2019, see below Updated Jan. 26 2021: added German language interview, see below   July 15 2020: Added the interesting TED Talk of Audrey Tang ============= Below is my … Continue reading

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Empathy vs Self-Centredness, basis 7 for Synthecracy

Having empathy is reaching beyond genuine curiousity in others and must come with the notion that others may have DIFFERENT conventions and pre-judices than you 🙂 – The following short story illustrates that point: I did also learn. From this … Continue reading

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Gar Alperovitz about Community Ownership, basis 6 for Synthecracy

Hat tip to Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation, who notified me about the interview below with the amazing Gar. He has a big track record in actual experiments in the field with “community ownership” other than State Owned or … Continue reading

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Book about the present National Socialist Stampedes

This is a historical document. It describes a catastrophy happening right now under our very noses.  How dictatorial power was grabbed in Poland, Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria, Brazil and now Italy. And I am not so sure if the USA and … Continue reading

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Covid-19 Pandemic is Far from Over

Altough the rate of new infections and the number of daily deaths from the virus is going down “exponentialy’ (halving every few days) in many countries (see for a log per country: @yaneerbaryam on Twitter)  that have at last taken … Continue reading

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Remarkable: Tim Cook’s email to all Apple employees about #BLM

Dear readers of my blog, On Sunday May 31 Tim Cook CEO sent all the employees at Apple Computers the email below. I leave it to your own IQ  and EQ to understand his message. It alines well with my … Continue reading

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Bregman’s new book: “Human Kind”, basis 5 for Synthecracy

Dear readers of my blogpage, I recommend you read this book. It is a serious break with what we have learned since childhood. It was published with great success before in The Netherlands in the Dutch language: ‘ De Meeste … Continue reading

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Urgent message from Peter Corning, basis 4 for Synthecracy = shared values for Cooperation

Dear readers, Let me advise you again to read this Key Book at this confusing time of transitions and openings to a new era. The Corona Pandemic, the Economic Crash of 2020, and the Climate Crash. In each of them … Continue reading

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