Holland Ingenuity 1: NXP develops IPv6 adressable LED Lamps

NXP Semiconductors N.V.,  which is a spinoff from Philips Electronics in The Netherlands, has developed the GreenChip iCFL and iSSL chipsets (watch the video!) with IPv6 adresses, that can be built in to energy saving fluoresence- and LED lamps. The chipset was introduced last year but are low priced so they can reach consumer homes soon. Smart lighting, which turns of when nobody is in the room, can be that can be controlled by smartphones and can be implemented in buildings to save energy to lower the light or turn it on or off, etc. This all makes sense since one third of energy in most homes is consumed by lighting.

Recently NXP has made available the JenNet IP Software Stack  developed by them.

Lamp manufacturers TCP and Leedarson have started to using these chipsets and build Wi-Fi or ZigBee lighting systems with it. Other NXP partners are Belkin (network devices) and GreenWave Reality (who is in energy saving solutions). In 2012 III a certificationprocess will be launched to safeguard interoperability. Ingenious not ??!

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