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My lecture at the ICCS 2018 Conference in Cambridge, MA; My Sheets

Update July 30: I did present my idea’s at the conference last week Wednesday afternoon to very interested people who gave me very valuable feedback and links. I was informed that US Special Forces had developed similar ways to my … Continue reading

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Improved IN-HOUSE Wi-Fi by using DIY Plastic Optic Fibre (POF)

Problem: The Router/hub you have connected to the Internet cable (ADSL/VDSL/ Cablemodem/ Optic Fiber FttH cable) has Wi-Fi but it reaches only a couple of rooms. The walls decreases the broadband you thought you would get. You can buy Wi-Fi … Continue reading

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My Flashtalk in Berlin about AI and Deep Organizations

This is the “flashtalk” I was invited to present in Berlin at the Alexander von Humboldt Institut fur Internet und Gesellschaft (#HIIG) at the “AI und Uns” Workshop. #AI applied to Self Governing Organizations: Here are the SHEETS:  Flashtalk vanTill Berlin AIworkshop Jaap … Continue reading

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