The Second Uprising, Where does it Come From and What to Do


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1. On Friday  November 25 2016 I presented a lecture at the Dutch Future Society (DFS2016) conference in Amsterdam.  I told the audience about the Uprising / Rebellion/ Insurrection, see definition [2], that has started.


2. Here are the sheets I presented:  lecture-jvt-dfs-2016

3. =================summary and introduction of my talk========

The Coming Insurrection and how it may Transform Expected Futures.

Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist

Times are a-changing. That means that we also have to change our views on the future to what might lead us in a constructive way through the major structural transitions. We can see that many national elections and referenda are signals of protest against the establishment powers. These have failed to see that many seemingly solid assumptions and policies are either false or do not work anymore: abundant raw materials, scarcity of information, hierarchies, upward movement in lower/ middle classes, neoliberal market mantras. The resulting ANGER and Insurrections have been averted by the elites by blaming “others”. The resulting wave of hatred and even open racism is similar to the popular fascist movements in the 1930’s after the Crash. We are now in the same position: the First Uprising after the Crash of 2008. The only alternative to endless hate and destruction is to start a wave of constructive interconnection and online ICT collaboration I call Synthecracy which can create value, wealth and jobs for the young. This is the Second Uprising, starting now and driven bottom up by teams of diverse skillful and ICT aware multi-tribe members that solve problems together and co-create on local scales. Examples: the well connected members of the many Pirate Parties in metropoli and chains of metropoli like Corridoria. The objectives and values of this “second uprising” are the exact opposite *) of those of the Trumpists and their fellow fascist populist leaders gathering followers in other countries, explicit, or hidden by the establishments to regain control and order. and most probaly resulting in endless “cleansings” (putting people in camps) and transborder destruction.

========================================end of summary=====

*) exact opposite in a number of ways , some of which are shown here:


4. Jeremy Rifkin gives guidance about the way ahead in a video on Twitter, to the processes that will be succesful to construct and create a real feasible and prosperous & happy future for generations to come on this blue spaceship: 

5. The second uprising demands a new mindset in which tribes & people are part of an ecology in Nature:


6. The IT and Communication Infrastructures will also change and transform:


jaap van till, TheConnectivist       (update Nov. 28)

[0] Definition of FASCISM: authoritarian & national right-wing system of government & social organization. Vertical hierarchy, intolerant, uniform. Not difficult to recognize under the cloaks of Alt-Right and other nationalistic slogans.

[1]  Dis-obedience🙂

[2] Definition of “uprising” from The Free Dictionary:

Noun 1. uprising - organized opposition to authority

uprisingorganized opposition to authority; a conflict in which one faction tries to wrest control from another

conflict, struggle, battle – an open clash between two opposing groups (or individuals); “the harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph”–Thomas Paine; “police tried to control the battle between the pro- and anti-abortion mobs”
insurgence, insurgency – an organized rebellion aimed at overthrowing a constituted government through the use of subversion and armed conflict
intifada, intifadah – an uprising by Palestinian Arabs (in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank) against Israel in the late 1980s and again in 2000; “the first intifada ended when Israel granted limited autonomy to thePalestine National Authority in 1993″
mutinyopen rebellion against constituted authority (especially by seamen or soldiers against their officers)
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See the Crowd Waves of the “Candlelight Protest” in Seoul


About 0,6 million people show their bottom-up “Candlelight Protest” by moving their smartphone phone in Seoul, capital of South-Korea, creating waves rolling towards the palace with seat of government.

(just skip the adds)

Korea has a 6000 year old civilisation. It shows.

jaap van till, The Connectivist

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Video Interview about the Future (in the Dutch language)


This interview by Lieke and Richard Lamb on #TrendWatcherTV was recorded on Friday November 18, 2016.

jaap van till, TheConnectivist

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Speech by Irish Republic Senator about Trump’s election


My respect for Senator Aodhán Ó Riordáin’s speech,  in which he also refers to German Prime Minister Mrs. Angela Merkel’s statement after the USA presidential election. “Trump is a Fascist and I am embarrassed by the ( Irish ) Governments response”

This is moral courage in difficult times. We can later remember that these two statements where the only ones from governments that expressed the right thing at the right moment in 2016.

So I am certainly not the only one who made the comparison between the present and upcoming fascism in the late 1930’s in Europe, see

jaap van till, TheConnectivist


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Must-see Lecture of Carlota Perez about the Cause for Anger of Voters and What to Do


Carlota Perez, professor in London, explains in this video why the people, afraid of the consequences of the ICT revolution, vote(d) for alternatives that promise(d) to go back to the glorious 50s, the previous technological cycle.

The most surprising is her conclusion: after the current phase of shock, we still have in front of us a period of deep economic and social transformations, where ICT as a General Purpose Technology can really benefit the majority of the population. But many economic, social and political innovations & CHANGES at the same time will be needed to create value, wealth and jobs again.

She has published lists of those changes years before the Bubble Crash of 2008. Here they are: (sheets shown with permission of Carlota Perez)








(!) One of the key issues for governments is to promote and guide the rollout of a worldclass OPEN DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE for high  quality network access by civilians and companies and institutions. For Communication between them  and Collaboration.

Yes, also in inner cities and rural area’s.

jaap van till, TheConnectivist and Count of Corridoria

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DIY networking: The path to a more democratic internet — P2P Foundation

By Panayotis Antoniadis, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich:The refugee crisis has revealed the limitations of the telecommunications market to offer internet connectivity to people in need. As is often the case when the market fails, citizen organisations have stepped, one of the most successful such community networks, has come to fill the gap…

via DIY networking: The path to a more democratic internet — P2P Foundation

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The Three Choices: A Direction for Action against Trumpism Everywhere



  1. Context 
Today November 9 2016 is the day of the KristallNacht (9 to 10 nov 1938) and the similarity of Trump speeches to that of Hitler addressing the Reichstag in 1937 is chilling.
Transcript of that Reichstag speech in English:   Do not read it if you want to sleep at night.

Frightening about the Hitler Speech 1938 is the chilling concensus of the whole German population (not only H and his friends) to choose to do the wrong thing: “Us against them”, which can only result in disaster and millions killed and suffering.

Trump c.s. and his colleagues elsewhere in the world seem to have made the same choice as the National Socialists. The hate of others : People who are different– xenophobia of Trumpism is to mask the real cause of the middle class anger: the greed and collapse of the financial sector (failure of all out Market NeoLiberalism). The 1%ers did choose to get a fascist regime into power instead of sharing their wealth in a circular economy. Sen. Bernie Sanders gave a very to the point speech for the Senate about the real cause of the crash in 2008 !
What frightens me is the PROCESS that Trump c.s. set into motion. Bad forces have been summoned, just like in the post Crash 1930’s. Look at the statistics of the election: it is the white middle class from Pleasantville who have voted for T. The white collar office middle managers who have no skill at all who are out of jobs.
My hope is that young people and digerati will rally around the PROGRAM that Sanders wrote down and get his points into effect, by whatever means and groups. This is a worldwide effort, which the new Pirate Parties who are entering into parliaments in many countries, will work on, connected by the Net.
I hope and pray the American people realize that this choice for Trump and what he stands for is the wrong one. There are other choices possible. Schoolchildren and students, more sensitive for reality as ever have demonstrated their unhappiness already today so there is a rebellion brewing against the coming Trump regime.
2. What are the “Three Choices”?
Since ancient times  small groups of families/tribes roamed the desert / savanne / forests. When these groups suddenly ran into each other they could choose from three possibilities:
Choice 1. Attack the Others. War. Fight for domination, power, resources, areas.
Choice 2. Turn away and disregard the Others by isolation (building CLOSED walls around your tribe) and separation, discrimination,  (it is not so long ago that aboriginals in Australia where registered under “plants & animals”). The inwards looking tribesmen (scientists!) continuously confirm eachothers views, which is very comforting in uncertain times but leads to a dangerous blindness for Reality since together conflicting views are filtered out so it is a dead end street. The latest version of filtering for confirmation is done by FaceBook with their algorithms to show you those views you like. Beware of that !!
Choice 3. CONNECT Enter into OPEN dialogues with The Others. Get to know and understand them. They are a mirror for yourself, and you can cooperate and learn together to face problems and solve them. Synergy is the incentive by different views and different skills combined.
Trump and his friends have made choices 1 and 2. which both are dead ends because attack is a form of suicide and walls and self-centeredness leads to stagnation and suffocation. It was a dead end for the nazi’s and stalinst &maoists too.
To be frank I have leased this line of thought from a lecture text of the late Ryszard Kapuscinski :
Yes that is a long read but reading it and spreading it widely in this moment of history may be a chance to survive together. In many countries around the world Trumps are appearing and elites baffled by the anger of their population. And if we sit still a lot of things will be destroyed. IMHO Trans-Tribal Collaboration (choice 3) is the only feasible and practical way ahead !
The following TV ad , which was not shown widely, shows that Sanders made Choice 3 too,
as did the protesting schoolchildren, brought up in Diversity.

I hope we can soon see this connectivism movement start to have worldwide results.

#Choice3 applies not only between tribes but also inside the tribes between the leadership and the workers . They somehow lost contact, The same applies to the loss of contact between cityfolk and farmers. The anger from the English countryside towards the yuppies and govt in London was one of the main reasons for the #Brexit votes. Nearly every referendum recently failed in the eyes of the governments not because of the content choosen (with yes/no , a rather silly way to dialogue) but because the population wanted to send their govt a message: “You fucked things up”.

It is interesting to watch the various Pirate Parties getting organized in Europe and the USA to coordinate #Choice3 based actions> Their basis are the young digerati constructing distributed (city-based) cooperatives. Similar to the groups of programmers that helped to set up the social network apps to coordinate Bernie Sanders volunteers.

The Clinton elite was afraid of them, and instead of connecting with them they sidetracked
that energetic group. Big mistake,
The Digerati have however not stopped …….and their work may grow into a mass rebellion of progessives.

jaap van till, The Connectivist and count of Corridoria


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