Beyond Sharing – the Collaborative Economy (reblog from Gloria Lombardi)

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 14.08.03 Reblog:   by Gloria Lombardi Tip of the hat from Jaap van Till, theConnectivist

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(NP14) We Have Liftoff !!! The Network Economy Sends Wakeup Calls

1. It is very significant but no accident that two new books tell about the same story about the Collaborative Sharing Network Economy now rapidly replacing the Neo-Liberal market production-consumption  economy, driven by [ big company corporations & national governments] *)  which is in decline and recession, since 2008.
Prof. Carlota Perez, of  The London School of Economics (LSE) did forecast long ago, in 2006?, that this “replacement” would signal the resumption of a long constructive learning curve with a number of structural, social and political changes.
Perez LSE
So this “halfway transition” is now in 2015 happening !!! We have at last passed the “turning point”.
 2. The new books who show this are written by Paul Mason, explaining the socio/economic/political phenomena and transtions in mind set, and Robin Chase showing vivid life and kicking cases from exponentially exploding and viral fields.
A. book: ” PostCapitalism: A Guide to Our Future “ – 30 Jul 2015 by Paul Mason (Author); described in The Guardian in
postcapitalism boek
In October 2013 Paul Mason gave this lecture (on YouTube)   about the future that presented the core messages of his book to come in 2015: and yes he mentioned the Kondratiev cycles and Carlota Perez.
B. Book:  ” Peers Inc , How People and Platforms Are Inventing the Collaborative Economy and Reinventing Capitalism ” van Robin Chase,  described in )
Peer Inc boek
3. Both books confirm that this transition beyond the turning point to a  connected sharing economy is driven by and powered from the use of  ICT and Internet data flows. ICT and Internet tools and technology have been identified too by prof. Perez as the new General Purpose Technology on which the whole present learning curve shown above is built. The age of Electro/mechanic/ chemical & oil technology& industry is not gone but no longer leading innovation.
4. Warning: The old school neoliberal economists, banksters and power hungry politicians do not like the transition and what lies beyond the turning point: a new society with the internet smart engineers, craftsmen&women and open source programmers are leading the way into a new Peer-to-Peer (P2P) connected society, based on trans-tribal synthesis & synergy to create value and prosperity. That they do not like it was expressed for instance by the organized way in which the non-violent Occupy movements in the USA where suppressed, criminalized and contained by FBI & CIA & law enforcement, as was recently revealed.
For instance the USA neocons of big corporations & govt’t *)  still dream of a worldwide empire they call the “Anglosphere”,  which core consists of the Five Eyes WASP dominated countries, wanting to go back to the days of the former worldwide British Empire, still in decline. A bit like the explicit wish of Putin and his loyal courtiers to restore the Russian Empire. And not to forget the Chines empire now under construction based on raw materials from Africa and elsewhere on the globe. Retro dreams of former and collapsed glory and power.
The problem is that these coming and going empires are built on two FALSE assumptions:
1. Natural resources (raw materials and oil, etc) are abundant, you just can find them everywhere;
2. Information (data, knowledge, media content, Intellectual Property, communication flows) are scarce,  and should be owned, restricted and guarded. 
In reality, we are finding out that the truth is that they are just the other way around: natural resources are 
scarce and running out; and information is abundant and can be shared freely everywhere on networks & telecom. This “abundance” that is unleashed and which creates synergy by connection and synthesis is explicitly mentioned in both books shown above.
This core idea of “the other way around” has been put forward by the P2P Foundation before in various forms and gives a clear basis on how we should move forward in the world from now on.
Welcome to the age of “SYNTHECRACY” starting today.
PS 1. The Sharing Economy has entered the programs of the USA presidential candidates, see the articles on the Instigating Daily
PS 2. On July 30, 2015,  I tweeted to Paul Mason :  Difference Market Economy (production-consumption, scarcety) vs Network Economy : things get better when MORE people contrib  ((and share ))
Jaap van Till, theConnectivist
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(NP13) About P2P Collective Intelligence – How Does it Emerge ?

CI 2



Collective Intelligence: How does it Emerge ?

This paper discusses the cognitive, social and technological prerequisites for collective intelligence.

Key findings:

  • Collective intelligence emerges when there is a balance between technology, governance and joint goals.
  • Collaboration builds on our cognitive capabilities to think as we and have joint intensions.
  • Technology should make visible the assemblages of information and support the modification of knowledge.
  • Organisational models must mimic cultural transmission allowing for imitation, appropriation and combination.

The report includes a detailed case study of the Missing Maps project engages thousands of volunteers to map vulnerable areas for humanitarian intervention and disaster relief using satellite imagery and Openstreetmap, an open data-mapping platform. This is a powerful example of collective intelligence which allows us to analyse what are the prerequisites for new forms of collaboration.

We discuss the cognitive predisposition that allows humans to elaborate shared intentions, the characteristics of digital tools that support co-ordination across time and space, and the systems of governance that encourage the free transformation of knowledge.

The challenge is not only to create settings where people can share and communicate, but also to provide the means for knowledge to be made public, to be assembled, sedimented and reflected upon.


Stefana Broadbent and Mattia Gallotti   (School of Advanced Studies, University of London)



PS. It proves that ‘ Van Till’s Law ‘ DOES work: crux in this article is (1) people with very diverse (levels of) skills and expert knowledge contribute (2) into a flocking [1,2] fast shared learning group.

Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist

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On Constructive Use of ICT & Media tools for Education

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 19.47.26

On July 14, 2015 I presented a short introduction for the discussion of the TEINUM 2015 Conference in The Hague: The European International Model United Nations for young delegates from all over the world. This talk was to trigger discussion ICT and Education for the delegates who had read the paper prepared by the organizers on this subject: Empowering-Youth-through-Access-to-Information (1)

Here are the sheets I presented. Teimun6JvT2015sheets (pdf) and Teimun6JvT2015sheets (PPtx).

I did propose a number of approaches that may be of practical use in the field and to construct effective government policies to boost Teachers, students and schoolchildren. In words, July 7, of the PM of Norway, Erna Solberg: “Education is the key to development”

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 19.22.39

There ARE big problems with education in many countries. Look for instance at this chart (for OECD countries, so you can imagine how even less fortunate countries can educate their children). So much talent is wasted.

15 years olds

Ignore the difference in this chart between boys and girls at 15. It is well know that girls are learning much faster and better at that age. Boys are still childish then and are confused by their hormones boiling, distracts from homework.


Remarkable. In this week’s The Economist (july 4) on page 73 is a book described about the “new economy”
This book description tells about exactly what I presented at the TEIMUN conference in the Hague tuesday about education for opportunities in the “New Economy. Platform teams collaborating and the urgency of (online) education for much needed technical skills.
Only comment I have on that book
is that there is no reason the new economy connected age is limited to the USA.
So is is not only America’s Moment but the moment for all of us in THE CONNECTED AGE on this blue spaceship called Earth.
Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 08.45.33
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(NP12) What Drives Broadband Access Demand ? (in the Dutch Language)

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 11.39.16

On June 11 2015 in Enschede (NL),  during the “NDIX Relations Day”, I presented a short lecture about why we will need 1 / 1 Gig bit/sec network access in offices and at home. The sheets are in the Dutch language, but I think from the ICT terms and wording you will catch the drift: Telco’s and CableTVco’s do offer a mismatch with what the users want and need.

Here you can find the SHEETS:

Lezing JvT5 NDIxdag 2015

They are also available at the NDIX relatiedag site:

Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist

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The “Uberization” of Mobile Phone Networks Has Started

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 14.59.36

This will be a disruptive innovation for present day 4G mobile networks and network infrastructures, while it works with all 4G (LTE) compatible smartphones, tablets and laptops. Artemis Networks ( USA is actively seeking fieldtrials together with telco’s and ISP’s who do have licenced bandwidth. Operational network using the pCell ™ technology is starting to be rolled out in LA and NY is to follow.

Key invention is mathematical “virtualisation” of the mobile radio access network; with fewer (rooftop) basestations/hubs each containing an antenna array; into a local datacenter, yielding a 50 times better Spectral Efficiency and thus less congestion and less speed decreases.

I am very curious if the consortium which is defining 5G requirements will allow Artemis to meet those requirements with their pCell patented techologies, which are…. simply better than old school cellular tower architectures, even with small cells running into the present Spectrum Crunch.

If I understand the mathematics from the white paper and presentation on YouTube at Columbia University, the technology uses something (lin scalable) which is similar to “vectoring’ to decrease crosstalk and interference in a multi twisted pair cable, for VDSL.

Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist

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(NP11) Go Ahead and Sign “the Bill of Rights for Social Network Users”

Schermafbeelding 2015-07-03 om 13.59.59

========== Picture of I and II .  III to X are on the site stated below.===

Yes, we the social network USERS do have power. The New Power.

The Ello crowd have taken the initiative to define our rights, numbered I to X.

****  Go to and sign it  ****

This “Bill of Rights” applies to ALL Social networks and ALL its users, wherever on the globe.


(Statue of the Goddess of Democracy)

Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist

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