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Important Message of Thomas Drake

Here are the 34+ 2 tweets that Drake ( @Thomas_Drake1 ) posted, on Saturday 28, 2013, in sequence: ====================== Prop whoppers. Rolling Out the Big Lie. #NSA perjures itself in the court of public opinion on @60Minutes 1/34 Facts trump latest #NSA … Continue reading

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Police State

((ReBlogged from WashingtonsBlog)) (( In Europe, the Governments of Sweden, France and the Netherlands have or are about to decide to implement mass dragnet surveillance on telecom and internet traffic, in line with what the NSA and GCHQ have done. I … Continue reading

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A Manifesto For A Third Way of Work

Originally posted on kwalitisme:
See on – The New way of WorkThe third way of work is as big a break with the industrial model as the industrial model was with the time of artisanal and agricultural work that…

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PRIVACY – What is (was) it?

Since the recent 2013 Snowden revelations of the NSA (USA) & GCHQ (UK)  massive surveillance of computer and communication systems, it may be useful to read what I wrote about PRIVACY many years ago, and published online at: Maybe … Continue reading

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Next Thing After ‘Big Data’ is ‘BIG NETWORKS’

Yes, the NSA & GCHQ snooping is done also by putting taps on fiber optic cables BETWEEN Data Centers. So changing the location of your company files from one centre/center say on the cloud in the USA to a location … Continue reading

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