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What can WE do, 8 : The Fifth Network Effect: The Law of P2P Cooperation and scaling up

Nothing is as practical as a good theory (or recipe that works)!!! 1. You may know the FOUR network effects (the Laws of: Sarnoff, Metcalfe, Reed and Van Till), see: But there is a Fifth Network Effect, which is … Continue reading

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What can we DO, 7. About Democracy, its enemies and champions

Dear readers, In this blog two very strong and important “interrupts” for the present chaotic political transition we are re-blogged here: Column by Sibylle Berg, author of the best-selling book GRM. She explains that the upcoming “populist” authoritarian regimes will … Continue reading

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What can WE do: 6, the Regenerative Leadership book

Dear readers of this Blog series, Here is my recommendation to read and practice a sixt bundle of future oriented ideas that combine Nature and groups of people. It is reblogged from the article of Giles Hutchins: Although I … Continue reading

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What can WE do, number 5: About COMMONS

1. Introduction As mentioned in our positive ideas blog nr.2 about the P2P Commons the organisation structure of the “commons” (NL: meent, FR. commune, DLD: Gemeinde) plays a central role in the redefinition of our societies. The late Lady Elanor … Continue reading

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What can WE do, number 4: Helbing’s Vision

Link : This is the TEDx Talk of prof. Dirk Helbing in Varese , July 2018.  Now more relevant than ever to show in what direction WE can transit, work together and re-build society. Jaap van Till. The Connectivist … Continue reading

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What can WE do: 3, Junglenomics

This is the THIRD bunch of constructive ideas we recommend. The book “Junglenomics – Nature’s solutions to the world environment crisis: a new paradigm for the twenty-first century and beyond” by Simon M. Lamb is now available from Amazon and … Continue reading

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New blog series: What can WE do: 1 and 2

In the new series of blogs we will concentrate from now on on the very positive and promising directions various presentations and new books point us into. We are witnessing a floodgate of them, so we have only selected the … Continue reading

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Log of The Rightwing Power Grab of Society

If we want to defend ‘Liberal DEMOCRACY’ or what is left of it from the recent attacks, we should first identify who are its enemies and log what they did ~ Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist =================================== Log========================== * Version: 3.5  … Continue reading

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