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Brazilian movement takes inspiration from Zapatistas | ROAR Magazine

Originally posted on Social Network Unionism:
See on – Another World Now! The autonomous movement that spearheaded the Brazilian protests took direct inspiration from the horizontal model of Mexico’s Zapatista communities. By Tatiana Farah. Translated from Portuguese by Tamara van der…

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Researchers jump aboard Pica8’s OpenFlow switches as centralized management beckons

Originally posted on Gigaom:
Longtime vendors might not want to admit it, but the OpenFlow protocol is turning out to be an important development in the world of networking. The latest evidence comes from Illinois, where 13 OpenFlow switches from…

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Offloading naar WiFi wordt gewoon

Originally posted on TelecomNieuwsNet:
Mobiele operators gaan in de nabije toekomst waarschijnlijk steeds meer mobiel dataverkeer offloaden naar WiFi-hotspots en small cells. Dit constateren onderzoekers van Juniper Research. In hun rapport verwachten de onderzoekers dat mobiele operators in de nabije…

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Athens. Barcelona. Tunis. Cairo. Tripoli. Sana’a. Santiago. Bahrain. Wisconsin. Yo Soy 132. Indigandos. Red Square. #OccupyWallStreet. Pussy Riot. Blockupy. Damascus. #IdleNoMore … Istanbul.

Originally posted on Social Network Unionism:
What can we learn from the beating heart of Gezi Park, the blood soaked Taksim concrete, the barricades of Besiktas? One thing: the dream of a Global Spring is not dead. It is still…

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The Regulation of Ant Colony Foraging Activity without Spatial Information

Originally posted on Knowledge Team:
See on – Bounded Rationality and Beyond Many dynamical networks, such as the ones that produce the collective behavior of social insects, operate without any central control, instead arising from local interactions among individuals.…

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The Young Turks

1. What do the young Turks want? Here is the text of the crowdfunded full-page ad in the NYT: ======What is Happening in Turkey?=========== People of Turkey have spoken: We will not be oppressed! Millions are outraged by the violent … Continue reading

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Stowe Boyd on why the future of work is cooperative

Originally posted on kwalitisme:
See on – Nieuw Werken As I’ve shared here before, about a week ago I participated in the Social Now event where I got the opportunity to finally meet face-to-face Stowe Boyd, one of the…

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