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#PlanT Vandaag annonceer ik #PlanT om een discussie te starten over overheidstoezicht op, eisen aan en borging van een Landelijke Infrastructuur (Laag 0,1,2) voor digitale communicatie. Reden: verspilling van resources door het meervoudig graven en optic fiber kabel leggen in … Continue reading

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5G : Outline on background new mobile network rollouts in European countries

Last week I presented an overview of technical & economic aspects of the Fifth Generation (5G) mobile networks (supply and demand) for an influential NL govt agency. If your organisation wants a more down to earth view about what may … Continue reading

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A 17th Century Philosopher about ‘Tolerance’

The following article was published by The World Economic Forum (WEF) in collaboration with “The Conversation”         :  In my humble opinion the concept of TOLERANCE (of people with different views than you) is very urgent for our … Continue reading

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