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Carole Cadwalladr’s TED talk

(updated April 21, 2019) “My question to you is, is this what you want? Is this how you want history to remember you? As the handmaidens to authoritarianism?” Watch as @carolecadwalla calls out the “gods of Silicon Valley” for being … Continue reading

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(Future 3) Keeping The Internet Dream Alive : Jennifer Granick’s Keynote Speech

Must see and must read: Jennifer Granick at the Blackhat Conference 2015, on August 10,  giving her keynote speech about “the Internet Dream” that seems to end…. if we do not think and act soon. ** The full text can … Continue reading

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L3A My impromptu speech about what went wrong at the NSA

[Updated on January 18: the excellent discussion of William Binney about what went wrong at the the NSA: which explains it much better and in more detail than I could in Lect3A November last year. The crux was all about … Continue reading

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Stop The DRAGON (Dragnet State)

WHY will people all over the world protest next monday: Febr. 11 online (see: ) against mass electronic surveillance on all phone conversations, Internet and mobile phones; by most nation states governments and their security services? That surveillance and supervision … Continue reading

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Overheid: Stop Sleepnet Afluisteren (NL language)

Overheid: Stop Sleepnet Afluisteren In augustus kwamen de eerste onthullingen via klokkenluider Edward Snowden over het grootschalig afluisteren door NSA c.s. naar buiten.  De aandacht in de media is bijna voornamelijk gevestigd geweest op de tot dan toe onvoorstelbare omvang … Continue reading

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Police State

((ReBlogged from WashingtonsBlog)) (( In Europe, the Governments of Sweden, France and the Netherlands have or are about to decide to implement mass dragnet surveillance on telecom and internet traffic, in line with what the NSA and GCHQ have done. I … Continue reading

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PRIVACY – What is (was) it?

Since the recent 2013 Snowden revelations of the NSA (USA) & GCHQ (UK)  massive surveillance of computer and communication systems, it may be useful to read what I wrote about PRIVACY many years ago, and published online at: Maybe … Continue reading

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The Generals underestimated the use of Internet and now it is too late for them

In 2011 the global surveillance system Echelon to listen in and chart fixed and mobile TELEPHONE conversations and text messages had been in operation for years. The info (metadata) of who-talked-to-whom on the phone was much more telling about suspects … Continue reading

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Privacy, what is (or was) it.

((replica of the Lady Liberty statue erected by students on T. Square, days before the bloody end of that gathering)) The  following article is a tutorial I wrote in 1999, in response to a request by a senior public servant … Continue reading

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