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My Lecture for the PiratenWeekend in Delft, Jan 28 2017

Sheets can be downloaded here :  ===>    Pir weekend Jaap van Till2017   <====== Summary “ The Pirate Parties are at the Core of the Network Society “ by Ir. Jaap van Till, prof emeritus digital infrastructures at TUDelft, HAN … Continue reading

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The Awesome Worldwide #WomensMarch

See My respect ! It has shown that there is a future directed message possible in reply to the <<back to the past>> black dreams of the “pupulists” Trump, Putin, Brexit movement, Wilders, Erdogan, Le Pen and in Italy and … Continue reading

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Nowak’s Law

(DRAFT. This blog is incomplete) ================== My question to @DrMANowak : is this  correctly formulated:  3. “Nowak’s Law = Vital for (groups of) Organisms is The Quality of their External  Connections ”     ? I am waiting for prof. dr. Martin Nowak … Continue reading

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The Pirate Parties are at the Core of the Network Society – my lecture

This blog is about my lecture on Jan. 28 to inspire the PiratenPartij on their way to the Tweede Kamer (lower house of The Netherlands  Parliament) elections  TK2017 in March 2017. Their program can be seen here: PROGRAMMA The lecture … Continue reading

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Innovation of the Year: Bottom-Up Network Use

. This invention ticks many boxes in my book: Unexpected Obvious after you have seen it Extremely user friendly Combination/ connection of existing very diverse things Non-chemicals remedy against ADHD My grandchildren will no doubt love it, if their parents would … Continue reading

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The urgent need for a new Connectivity

‘I regard the grooves of destiny into which our civilization has entered as a special case of evolutionary cul-de-sac. Courses which offered short-term advantage have been adopted, have become rigidly programmed, and have begun to prove disastrous over longer time. … Continue reading

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Internet Governance Outlook 2017

In the following landmark paper about a huge and complicated process (of improvement I hope) of an ecology that is fragile and robust at the same time, professor Wolfgang Kleinwächter raises the the issue of Nationalistic Hierarchies vs. Multistakeholder Networkers in Internet Governance … Continue reading

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SamenWerken Werkt !!! met ‘Darwin 3.0’ van Martin Nowak

Originally posted on broodjejaap:
Door schade en schande heb ik geleerd achterdochtig te zijn als wetenschappers alleen maar heel vriendelijk tegen je zijn als je ze spreekt. Achter je rug kunnen juist die aimabele lieden de meest vreselijke dingen over…

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The present Revolt 1 : Authoritarianism demanded by the insecure, U-1

There is a massive groundswell of popular political  authoritarianism, even with fascist tendencies, all over the world: UKIP, Trump, Putin, Le Pen, Wilders, etc. While most of the surprised and baffled analysts and media concentrate on the Persons who are … Continue reading

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New Measure for Network Access Speed: “FLOW”= x v^ y Mbps with z:1 overbooking.

It gets more and more problematic to express price/ performance of mobile and fixed network access in figures that have significance, can be measured and compared in a meaningful way. It would go too far to compare this situation to … Continue reading

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