Nowak’s Law


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My question to  : is this  correctly formulated: 

3. “Nowak’s Law = Vital for (groups of) Organisms is The Quality of their External  Connections ”     ?

I am waiting for prof. dr. Martin Nowak of Harvard University to confirm this formulation.


IMHO it is the Third Law of Evolution (Darwin 3.0) after the first two by Darwin:

  1. Variation. Evolution happens by the creation/generation of new diversity in and of species in Nature.
  2. Natural selection. Continuously this diversity is decreased by species/ variants that do not fit into their ecosystem (have disadvantageous qualities) and therefore live less long to multiply than those that do are more adapted to their environment, thus selected by Nature to continue life.

For the background of Martin Nowak’s research see:

And my post in 2012 with the video of Nowak’s lecture in Amsterdam:

jaap van till, TheConnectivist

PS. Others have started noticing the same importance for survival of Collaboration inside and between Groups. See for instance the excellent article by Daniel Wahl mentioned by Michel Bauwens of the :

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