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Detailkaart voor Breedband beschikbaarheid in heel Nederland Stratix Consulting in Hilversum houdt deze on-line kaart, van hoogst beschikbare “Internet network access speed” per pand, up-to-date. Voor koper, coax of glasvezel, zoals getoond met kleurcode. jaap van till, TheConnectivist

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How did we get into this Political Mess in USA and UK: Robert Reich’s Big Picture

Here I reblog the tweet of Robert Reich, former minister of economic affairs of USA: Robert Reich‏Verified account @RBReich Dec 21 The question on everyone’s mind is how did we get into this political mess, and how do we get out of … Continue reading

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Can We Save Democracy from Digital Fascism?

As i wrote before on Twitter and elsewhere, mass surveillance (NL: sleepwet) is just the first step in a power process. Next steps: ===> mass individual profiling (with techniques from advertising ===> isolation into bubbles by confirming views and prejudices … Continue reading

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WARNING: Do Not read these Books if you are not a Jedi

(( Updated on December 18, 2017 )) (1) “Freedom tm” by Daniel Suarez, 2010, Quercus, London (2) “iGod” a science fiction novel by Willemijn Dicke  inspired and introduced by Dirk Helbing, 2017, printed in Great Britain by Amazon   These … Continue reading

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Onderdeel Verkiezingsprogr Piratenpartij Amsterdam: de “Beter Breedband” Aanpak

UPDATE 9 januari: zie PS2. 10 januari: programma Piratenpartij Amsterdam UPDATE Op 9 dec 2017 heeft de ALV van de Piratenpartij Amsterdam de  BETER BREEDBAND aanpak aanvaard ter uitvoering van het gestelde in het verkiezingsprogramma H.7 over een netwerk in de stad. … Continue reading

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We Can Take Back The Internet with Holo Shared P2P Hosting

Dear all, Yes we can take back Internet from the greedy money extractors and advertiser driven businesses. And from controlaholic governments behind which are the ruthless 1% ers. Example how to this is given by the recently launched Holo user … Continue reading

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Stop the #CensorshipMachine Now vs. EU law proposal

Protecting Digital Freedom Following the launch of the controversial proposed Copyright Directive in September 2016, the European Parliament and the Member States (gathered in the Council of the European Union) are now developing their positions. Now it’s the time to send a … Continue reading

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