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Geek Power

“Blessed are the Geeks:¬†for they shall inherit the Earth“~jaap van till, connectivist (my hat off to Huey Lewis, who is reported this or a similar statement before) That blessing means Girl- as well as Boy-Geeks: The Generals are powerless without … Continue reading

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Police State

((ReBlogged from WashingtonsBlog)) (( In Europe, the Governments of Sweden, France and the Netherlands have or are about to decide to implement mass dragnet surveillance¬†on telecom and internet traffic, in line with what the NSA and GCHQ have done. I … Continue reading

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Next Thing After ‘Big Data’ is ‘BIG NETWORKS’

Yes, the NSA & GCHQ snooping is done also by putting taps on fiber optic cables BETWEEN Data Centers. So changing the location of your company files from one centre/center say on the cloud in the USA to a location … Continue reading

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