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Can we afford NOT to have a fibre optic infrastructure?

This is a strong essay advocating that the National Fiber Optic INFRASTRUCTURE is a Long Term & General Interest issue that should be strategical governed by the national Government. Short term market forces and purely financial cost/yield companies and banks … Continue reading

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The First Global Civil War – Lionel Dricot

The following article, that first appeared in French, is re-blogged here with permission of its author Lionel Dricot ( @ploum on Twitter): [ Manning, Snowden, Assange, Miranda, The Guardian. With each passing day, we receive confirmation of a truth that … Continue reading

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Can WWiii starting in Syria be prevented?

WWii did start in my opinion in Spain during the civil war there where a number of fractions (Communists, Anarchists, Nationalists and a number of regional separatists, including several families aspiring for a throne) where backed by the Russia or … Continue reading

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Collective Behaviour : The Secret of Flocking revealed

See My guess is that flocks of people online with social networks may exhibit similar herd-like cohesion. Jaap van Till, connectivist reblogged here: —————————— The Physics arXiv Blog July 31, 2013 Computer Vision Reveals The Remarkable Secret of Flocking The … Continue reading

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C4 What May Move America Movil into Europe

The telecom company América Móvil (described as Movil below) has published its intention to take over all shares of KPN (the former incumbent telco based in The Netherlands. Europe). In the press many are guessing what the intentions and plans … Continue reading

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Privacy, what is (or was) it.

((replica of the Lady Liberty statue erected by students on T. Square, days before the bloody end of that gathering)) The  following article is a tutorial I wrote in 1999, in response to a request by a senior public servant … Continue reading

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