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Junglenomics: making the world Economy part of Nature

((updated; July 29 2019. Book is now available on Amazon, see the website of Simon Lamb  see: UK: USA: )) My strong recommendation is to read this new book as soon as it comes out on Amazon and … Continue reading

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Big Impact expected from STADIA Google’s Streaming Game Platform

(updated. Version April 16 , 2019) On 19 March 2019 Google announced STADIA, its streaming gaming platform for nearly anything that has a screen. Essential is that for online gaming  Google’s will use its own worldwide network infrastructure (not the internet) as much … Continue reading

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Peer to Peer: The Commons Manifesto, new book

At last, members of the P2P Foundation have published their new book, described below. It was presented recently by Michel Bauwens who has untiring been traveling and presenting about this way of organizing for years all around the world. See: reading

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