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Boze Burger reageert op opm. Buma

(( Update 3 november. CDA heeft zich bedacht en zegt het Referendum WEL serieus te gaan nemen. Moet staatsrechtelijk ook wel want de wettelijke procedure is netjes gevolgd en ook kamerleden moeten zich aan de wet houden, ook als die … Continue reading

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Nov 4th: European “Gimme Fibre Day”

Meaning this is what they want: FttBuilding Get the Press Kit: It is most urgent to have high QUALITY & future proof Network Access ASAP all over the country. The UK can forget it to join the bandwidth race. Their … Continue reading

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Two Dials To Restart Wealth Creation: The NECSI Paper

It is kind of embarrassing for the Economics Scientists, politicians and central-bankers that a. they have stated that the 2007/2008 Financial Crisis came totally unexpected (meaning: they mean they had not seen it coming, or did not listen to the … Continue reading

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