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We zijn het Zat

(in the Dutch language, but with enough English to be understandable) TV documentary about the approaching up-rising in The Netherlands community. Note: we have general elections next year. Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist

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The Way Ahead 8: About New Economy

Reblogged from the  P2PFoundation Blog and several other sites that published this article Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist ========================================= 07-06-2016 | Mayo Fuster Morell A NEW ECONOMY: SOCIAL, COMMONS, FEMINIST, AND ENVIRONMENTAL P2PVALUE Women pushing car, 1944. University of Oregon. CC-BY-NC-ND Cases … Continue reading

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The Way Ahead 7: Internet Protocols and Human Rights

  <——-1. A must-see short film I recommend: The very interesting short documentary film by #netofrights.   <———  It explores the relation between Internet protocols and #HumanRights.  2. Also there is a short “trailer” available of this film, at  3. … Continue reading

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“Neoliberalism is a Species of fascism”

Originally posted on OffGuardian:
by Manuela Cadelli, President of the Magistrates’ Union of Belgium, via Defend Democracy The time for rhetorical reservations is over. Things have to be called by their name to make it possible for a co-ordinated democratic…

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The Way Ahead 6: Call for a European Commons Assembly

  Reposted from the P2PFoundation website   and can be seen at =============Re-posted================= Civic and community initiatives are working to vitalize our urban, rural, scientific and digital commons, and promoting a future guided by democratic participation, social equity and environmental … Continue reading

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The Way Ahead 5: Jeremy Rifkin on how Unions and Cooperatives must re-invent themselves lateral scale

Reblogged from the P2P Foundation Blog, with hat tip to Michel Bauwens: Highly relevant and urgent in the present zero marginal cost digitized society. jaap van till, TheConnectivist PS. Note to companies and organizations who want to do business … Continue reading

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The Way Ahead 4: Proposed Remedy Against Escape into Fear & Isolated Tribes = Synthecracy !

“Talent is always conscious of its own abundance & does not object to sharing”    ~~Alexander Solzhenitsyn How can we use the sociology of networking in more constructive ways than spreading fear? The media are each day full of shocking … Continue reading

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The Way Ahead 3: Thomas Friedman’s NYT Column about #Brexit

The Way Ahead -3 IMHO the best analysis about #Brexit was written by Thomas Friedman in the New York Times of June 29, 2016 Crux is that politicians are faced with a choice, a split in the road ahead. Either … Continue reading

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