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“Resistance to Change” Equation Discovered !!

                          This formula is probably not really correct for mathematicians, but the message is clear: Large organizations have difficulty to change and innovate. And especially those with many … Continue reading

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L3 My keynote at the Open Source Developers Conference Australia 2014

Here are the slides of that lecture:  Lect3 KeynoteOSDC2014 JvTill7f And here is the video recording of it: Its objective was to inspire. Jaap van Till, Connectivist and #Btwiener

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Don’t let these 50 ‘idea killers’ stop you, so Do Not Ask for Approval !!!

The influential philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, not famous for his sunny optimism, once state that if you have a bright new idea you will meet the following stages of criticism: 1. You will be laughed at, ridiculed and even declared insane … Continue reading

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