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Critical Mass = ONE : You and Your Disruptive & Viral Idea !!!

((update May 7, PS.1 and 2)) 1. A common misconception about innovation is that it will only take off beyond a certain number (critical mass) of users/ clients. Image: an airplane taking off from an airfield, it must first gather … Continue reading

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What Drives Us To Contribute to Society

Everybody wants to be appreciated by other members of the communities they are part of !!! It makes you feel valued. And it is nice to do. Parents often fail to show appreciation to their kids. It is so important for … Continue reading

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How a Toronto professor’s research revolutionized artificial intelligence

Originally posted on Collective Intelligence: Artificial intelligence research using neural networks has taken off, with a $400-million boost from Google, in part thanks to Canadian Geoffrey Hinton. Three summers ago, at the age of 64, Geoffrey Hinton left his…

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Persbericht over publicatie van boek “De Verbonden Stad”

persbericht 15-04-2015  (als PDF)      Persbericht De Verbonden Stad  (in WORD format) DE VERBONDEN STAD: EEN VISIE OP DE TOEKOMST Oud Raadslid (Amsterdam) en Luud Schimmelpennink kan het niet laten, hij ‘provo’ceert nog steeds. Waar de gewone burger met … Continue reading

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