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SolarLamp “WakaWaka Power” to the People

Well, to maybe 1.5 billion people who do not have electrical power at home or nomadic shelter right now. It is a super efficient solar panel and lamp plus it can load your cellphone or tablet. Power and light from … Continue reading

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What Most Schools Don’t Teach

They are right in this little film: learning to program at an early age will get many young people all over the world jobs an carreers: Software is now in nearly everything around us, and many are needed to … Continue reading

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Cross border money transfer, yes you can do it yourself

If you want to send your kid some money in a foreign country you can go to your bank and they will make a very wonderful show of filling in forms and they do mysterious ceremonious dances to show how … Continue reading

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Interconnect out of the Silo !!!

Originally posted on quantum shifting:
I’ve heard that if you cut a hologram into pieces, each piece contains all the information of the whole.  I’ve never tried it, but I like the idea that each part is a microcosm of…

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Another Internet Architectural Guideline

Another reason for the huge success of Internet and its applications is the following Architectural Guideline: “Avoid vertical integration of network functions as much as possible, since that would introduce dependencies (which suppliers might like to keep out competitors) and … Continue reading

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The Internet has its 30th Birthday, Hip Hip

  The MOTOR of our Society = INTERCONNECTION, and one of its main components and facilitators for that, is the worldwide “Internet”, which is getting more important every day. Its birth is fixed by several sources around 1983 *), although … Continue reading

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