Interconnect out of the Silo !!!

Fits like a glove to my Weavelet lecturesheets on Slideshare: connect the specialists !!

Stop the many reorganizations: Inwards looking groups are obsolete: Connect to the outside of your team, your department, your company, your country !!

Jaap van Till, connectivist

quantum shifting

hologramI’ve heard that if you cut a hologram into pieces, each piece contains all the information of the whole.  I’ve never tried it, but I like the idea that each part is a microcosm of the whole thing.

In working with three senior teams in three entirely different sectors over the past month, I’ve heard someone in each of these teams, during the course of the work, utter these words, “We are a microcosm of what is going on in the rest of the business.”  They elaborate, “If we don’t get our house in order, how can we expect the rest of the business to work better together?”  The theme is silos at work and making efforts to work more collaboratively and cooperatively.  In each of these contexts, I shared one of my favourite analogies for silos; it’s as if the organs within my body are fighting each other for…

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