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(Future 2) Beyond Sharing – the Collaborative Economy (reblog from Gloria Lombardi)

Reblog:   by Gloria Lombardi Tip of the hat from Jaap van Till, theConnectivist

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(Future 1)(NP14) We Have Liftoff !!! The Network Economy Sends Wakeup Calls

1. It is very significant but no accident that two new books tell about the same story about the Collaborative Sharing Network Economy now rapidly replacing the Neo-Liberal market production-consumption  economy, driven by [ big company corporations & national governments] … Continue reading

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(NP13) About P2P Collective Intelligence – How Does it Emerge ?

( RECOMMENDED!     REBLOGGED FROM ) ============================================== Collective Intelligence: How does it Emerge ? This paper discusses the cognitive, social and technological prerequisites for collective intelligence. Key findings: Collective intelligence emerges when there is a balance between technology, … Continue reading

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On Constructive Use of ICT & Media tools for Education

On July 14, 2015 I presented a short introduction for the discussion of the TEINUM 2015 Conference in The Hague: The European International Model United Nations for young delegates from all over the world. This talk was to trigger discussion … Continue reading

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(NP12) What Drives Broadband Access Demand ? (in the Dutch Language)

On June 11 2015 in Enschede (NL),  during the “NDIX Relations Day”, I presented a short lecture about why we will need 1 / 1 Gig bit/sec network access in offices and at home. The sheets are in the Dutch … Continue reading

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The “Virtualisation” of CellPhone Networks Has Started

(updated Januari 2016) This is a disruptive innovation for present day 4G mobile networks and network infrastructures, while it works with all 4G (LTE) compatible smartphones, tablets and laptops. Artemis Networks ( USA is actively seeking fieldtrials together with telco’s and … Continue reading

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(NP11) Go Ahead and Sign “the Bill of Rights for Social Network Users”

========== Picture of I and II .  III to X are on the site stated below.=== Yes, we the social network USERS do have power. The New Power. The Ello crowd have taken the initiative to define our rights, numbered I to … Continue reading

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