On Constructive Use of ICT & Media tools for Education

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On July 14, 2015 I presented a short introduction for the discussion of the TEINUM 2015 Conference in The Hague: The European International Model United Nations for young delegates from all over the world. This talk was to trigger discussion ICT and Education for the delegates who had read the paper prepared by the organizers on this subject: Empowering-Youth-through-Access-to-Information (1)

Here are the sheets I presented. Teimun6JvT2015sheets (pdf) and Teimun6JvT2015sheets (PPtx).

I did propose a number of approaches that may be of practical use in the field and to construct effective government policies to boost Teachers, students and schoolchildren. In words, July 7, of the PM of Norway, Erna Solberg: “Education is the key to development”

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There ARE big problems with education in many countries. Look for instance at this chart (for OECD countries, so you can imagine how even less fortunate countries can educate their children). So much talent is wasted.

15 years olds

Ignore the difference in this chart between boys and girls at 15. It is well know that girls are learning much faster and better at that age. Boys are still childish then and are confused by their hormones boiling, distracts from homework.


Remarkable. In this week’s The Economist (july 4) on page 73 is a book described about the “new economy”
This book description tells about exactly what I presented at the TEIMUN conference in the Hague tuesday about education for opportunities in the “New Economy. Platform teams collaborating and the urgency of (online) education for much needed technical skills.
Only comment I have on that book
is that there is no reason the new economy connected age is limited to the USA.
So is is not only America’s Moment but the moment for all of us in THE CONNECTED AGE on this blue spaceship called Earth.
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