The “Virtualisation” of CellPhone Networks Has Started

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(updated Januari 2016)

This is a disruptive innovation for present day 4G mobile networks and network infrastructures, while it works with all 4G (LTE) compatible smartphones, tablets and laptops. Artemis Networks ( USA is actively seeking fieldtrials together with telco’s and ISP’s who do have licenced bandwidth. Operational network using the pCell ™ technology is starting to be rolled out in LA and NY is to follow.

Key invention is mathematical “virtualisation” of the mobile radio access network; with fewer (rooftop) basestations/hubs each containing an antenna array; into a local datacenter, yielding a 50 times better Spectral Efficiency and thus less congestion and less speed decreases.

I am very curious if the consortium which is defining 5G requirements will allow Artemis to meet those requirements with their pCell patented techologies, which are…. simply better than old school cellular tower architectures, even with small cells running into the present Spectrum Crunch.

If I understand the mathematics from the white paper and presentation on YouTube at Columbia University, the technology uses something (lin scalable) which is similar to “vectoring’ to decrease crosstalk and interference in a multi twisted pair cable, for VDSL.

UPDATE: Besides the present field trial in the Bay Area, Artemis has joinded forces with Nokia to roll out their combined equipment in inner cities congested area’s. See:

Now that Alcatel-Lucent has joined Nokia in combined operations, I wonder what the effect of the Artemis gear will have on 5G development and on the present base-station infrastructure investments.

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