(Future 1)(NP14) We Have Liftoff !!! The Network Economy Sends Wakeup Calls

1. It is very significant but no accident that two new books tell about the same story about the Collaborative Sharing Network Economy now rapidly replacing the Neo-Liberal market production-consumption  economy, driven by [ big company corporations & national governments] *)  which is in decline and recession, since 2008.
Prof. Carlota Perez, of  The London School of Economics (LSE) did forecast long ago, in 2006?, that this “replacement” would signal the resumption of a long constructive learning curve with a number of structural, social and political changes.
Perez LSE
So this “halfway transition” is now in 2015 happening !!! We have at last passed the “turning point”.
 2. The new books who show this are written by Paul Mason, explaining the socio/economic/political phenomena and transtions in mind set, and Robin Chase showing vivid life and kicking cases from exponentially exploding and viral fields.
A. book: ” PostCapitalism: A Guide to Our Future – 30 Jul 2015 by Paul Mason (Author); described in The Guardian in http://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/jul/17/postcapitalism-end-of-capitalism-begun
postcapitalism boek
In October 2013 Paul Mason gave this lecture (on YouTube)   about the future that presented the core messages of his book to come in 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5teO3W4LrM and yes he mentioned the Kondratiev cycles and Carlota Perez.
B. Book:  ” Peers Inc , How People and Platforms Are Inventing the Collaborative Economy and Reinventing Capitalism ” van Robin Chase,  described in http://buff.ly/1JdJnZF )
Peer Inc boek
3. Both books confirm that this transition beyond the turning point to a  connected sharing economy is driven by and powered from the use of  ICT and Internet data flows. ICT and Internet tools and technology have been identified too by prof. Perez as the new General Purpose Technology on which the whole present learning curve shown above is built. The age of Electro/mechanic/ chemical & oil technology& industry is not gone but no longer leading innovation.
4. Warning: The old school neo-liberal economists, banksters and power hungry politicians do not like the transition and what lies beyond the turning point: a new society with the internet smart engineers, craftsmen&women and open source programmers are leading the way into a new Peer-to-Peer (P2P) connected society, based on trans-tribal synthesis & synergy to create value and prosperity. That they do not like it was expressed for instance by the organized way in which the non-violent Occupy movements in the USA where suppressed, criminalized and contained by FBI & CIA & law enforcement, as was recently revealed.
For instance the USA neocons of big corporations & govt’t *)  still dream of a worldwide empire they call the “Anglosphere”,  which core consists of the Five Eyes WASP dominated countries, wanting to go back to the days of the former worldwide British Empire, still in decline. A bit like the explicit wish of Putin and his loyal courtiers to restore the Russian Empire. And not to forget the Chines empire now under construction based on raw materials from Africa and elsewhere on the globe. Retro dreams of former and collapsed glory and power.
The problem is that these coming and going empires are built on two FALSE assumptions:
1. Natural resources (raw materials and oil, etc) are abundant, you just can find them everywhere;
2. Information (data, knowledge, media content, Intellectual Property, communication flows) are scarce,  and should be owned, restricted and guarded. 
In reality, we are finding out that the truth is that they are just the other way around: natural resources are 
scarce and running out; and information is abundant and can be shared freely everywhere on networks & telecom. This “abundance” that is unleashed and which creates synergy by connection and synthesis is explicitly mentioned in both books shown above.
This core idea of “the other way around” has been put forward by the P2P Foundation before in various forms and gives a clear basis on how we should move forward in the world from now on.
Welcome to the age of “SYNTHECRACY” starting today.
PS 1. The Sharing Economy has entered the programs of the USA presidential candidates, see the articles on the Instigating Daily http://paper.li/instigating?edition_id=4d2614b0-3272-11e5-96e1-0cc47a0d1605
PS 2. On July 30, 2015,  I tweeted to Paul Mason :  Difference between Market Economy (production-consumption, scarcity) vs Network Economy : things get better when MORE people contribute  ((and share )) in the latter case, also called the P2P Production economy.
PS 3. Interesting political discussion in the UK about Paul Mason’s book:
          on September 11 (sic) 2015
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