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Crisis of the Euro ??? Flash Mobs !!!

Message: the natives are getting restless, and neither ‘nation states’ nor banks are the answer to the crisis. Connected self sustaining local communities with P2P inter-dependencies is the way to go. Lots of speculation in financial circles about wether or … Continue reading

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Networked ‘Group Mind’ taxonomies

It is hard to keep up with the flood of excellent lectures and papers about local and global cooperation helped by internet communication to create value, wealth and a sustainable future for our kids and our planet. They seem to … Continue reading

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My Advice to Unemployed Youth: CAN and DO !!!

My advice 1: Find the one thing you are very good at, love to do and SPECIALIZE in that. And you will be appreciated by the community for your unique contributions.  In Europe and USA unemployment of young people, even … Continue reading

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Good idea: Free Wi-Fi access from Phone Booths

I love this idea to install free hotspots in the old phonebooths that are nearly not used anymore since most people have (smart)phones. The rationale is that mobile operators try to offload their 2G and 3G networks to Wi-Fi because … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Cooperation

Cooperation is one of the most hot topics in our present society.  Better cooperation is urgently needed to solve problems in many fields, not to mention to solve conflicts where cooperation has broken down. Working together gives mutual benefits, way … Continue reading

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