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Next to go: WHITE collar jobs, so learn a Craft !!

1. This is the real big social/political/economic problem we have to face all over the world: JOBS FOR YOUNG MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE.  Prez. Obama has declared that he is thinking about this issue nonstop. It makes me sad and baffled … Continue reading

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My Inventions: the TILLEGRAAF linedriver and PLECTOR asynchronous multiplexer.

In 1975 I developed the “Tillegraaf” baseband modem at the AKZO chemical company research laboratoria in Arnhem NL , to be able for us to connect asynchronous TTY compatible computer terminals and measuring equipment in our factories and offices (and … Continue reading

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Power of Crowd is in Co-Creation, Not Crowdsourcing

Originally posted on kwalitisme:
See on – Cooperative capitalism The term Crowdsourcing feels mainstream, but author Jeff Howe’s book on the subject is only five years old. That said, the roots of crowdsourcing lie in open-sourcing.  Perhaps the best…

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The Generals underestimated the use of Internet and now it is too late for them

In 2011 the global surveillance system Echelon to listen in and chart fixed and mobile TELEPHONE conversations and text messages had been in operation for years. The info (metadata) of who-talked-to-whom on the phone was much more telling about suspects … Continue reading

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Waarom is een Nationale Breedband Infrastructuur belangrijk voor ons land ?!

(In Dutch) Published on the site of the BTG , The Netherlands organization of company telecom users: ========================================= “Can we afford not to have a fibre optic infrastructure?“ 5 september 2013 in Business & Trends door BTG kennismanager ‘De huidige commotie rondom de … Continue reading

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