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Guest Blog about P2P Commons in Practice

The article below by Katarzyna Gajewska is a paper first published here. My rough impression is that it describes the struggle in practice between [organizations that have for-profit marketoriented service production at their core] and [Communities that work on the … Continue reading

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Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy gatherings, basis 3 for Synthecracy

Today there are huge gatherings of many thousands of civilians of Hong Kong who demonstrate against the proposal of the 2020 National People’s Congress, in session this week in Beijing, to dictate a new National Security Law for Hong Kong. … Continue reading

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Bregman on Post Corona, basis 2 for Synthecracy

  Dear All, Below I have re-blogged a brilliant article by NL Historian Rutger Bregman, who has xtal-clear observations and is becoming quite famous for his fearless expression of them. He talks here about the wind that is changing direction, … Continue reading

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The Art of Being, basis 1 for Synthecracy

The great social psychologist and philosopher Erich Fromm wrote a book in 1993, “The Art of Being” which has been very influential in improving the art of human life. Now in 2020 it can function as a guide for many … Continue reading

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Future visions: Video Interview with Elon Musk

Very interesting 2 hour video interview by Joe Rogan with Elon Musk, I recommend you look at when you want to know why and what he is doing that will surprise us. He is a true Engineer and not … Continue reading

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Hopeful message to our Children

Click on this screen below: Wonderful bedside story about the TRANSITION we are in POST-CORONA all over the world. Ecology, Connectivity and ICT play an important role in that. See also my jaap van till, TheConnectivist

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