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C11 Dr. Kim Veltman appointed to “Chief Librarian of Corridoria”

(photo: Trans-cultural Scholar Kim Veltman) Dear Corridorians, By the power vested in me I have the pleasure to appoint: Dr. Kim H. Veltman ;Thinker, Researcher, MediaExpert, Webologist, Linguist, Anthropologist, ScienceHistorian and ArtConnoisseur; to function as the Chief Librarian of the communities … Continue reading

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C9 7 Minute Lecture on CORRIDORIA : Chain of City Area’s (in the Dutch language)

On Thursday October 2, I presented  a “7 minute speech” (similar to the TED format) to the SURFnet user community (SURFnet Relatiedagen 2014) about the Corridoria Development Project of Tildro Research. The title of the speech is: “Corridoria: new backbone … Continue reading

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C8 “THE LIST” of Booming City-Regions on the Corridoria Trade Route – Updated Sept 9, 2018

(( Updated with PS 4 about OBOR initiative from China)) ((updates: Bratislava, Köszeg and Kumport added; Leicester added)) ((Update dec.2106 : WEF article Best of 2016: Why is #China building a New Silk Road? )) Since 2008 we all are in … Continue reading

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C4 What May Move America Movil into Europe

The telecom company América Móvil (described as Movil below) has published its intention to take over all shares of KPN (the former incumbent telco based in The Netherlands. Europe). In the press many are guessing what the intentions and plans … Continue reading

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C2 Transition from Crisis 2 B: Cascadia, a community waking up to Weave LIFE into their coastal area

To give more depth to what I wrote in ‘Crisis 2’ about the “corridor community” in the [North West of the USA, West coast of Canada and the coastal area of Alaska]; here is a very strong film about what … Continue reading

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