C11 Dr. Kim Veltman appointed to “Chief Librarian of Corridoria”

Kim Veltman Photo(photo: Trans-cultural Scholar Kim Veltman)

Dear Corridorians,

By the power vested in me I have the pleasure to appoint:

Dr. Kim H. Veltman ;Thinker, Researcher, MediaExpert, Webologist, Linguist,

Anthropologist, ScienceHistorian and ArtConnoisseur;

to function as the Chief Librarian of the communities in the chain of cities Corridoria.


He is the author of the very influential book, “Alphabets of Life”( see blog C5), which shows the common sources of ancient Euro-Asian cultures, and shows that they must have been connected together and to the images of the things visible for all in the sky at night.

jaap van till, connectivist and Count of Corridoria, keeper of The List of Cities (blog: C8)

Signed: Corridoria, December 24, 2014


Kim Veltman’s many achievements are presented in the Citation shown here:

Kim Veltman cit

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