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Title for my Next Book: #LightBenders

But do not hold your breath. I have finished outlining and composing its contents, but have only just started writing the text. Paypal me if you want me to speed up writing. You can invite me to lecture about it … Continue reading

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Are You Ready To Accept That Capitalism Is the Real Problem?

The article below is re-blogged with permission of author Martin Kirk. It connects very well to George Monbiot’s article: Both beg for an alternative and new & future proof ‘Doctrine’. IMHO  two books have laid the groundwork for that: … Continue reading

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Internets Expand in a Fractal Pattern

  Dear Digerati and politicians,   (( Updated July 26, 2017))  This Internet Fractal pattern shown above may help you get a better view on what this infrastructural life form is. It is mapped on the famous Mandelbrot Fractal: It explains … Continue reading

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About Our Connected Future, 5: Make Connections for Constructive Network Power

This is the book I intended to write. Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation and others insisted that I would write a book, instead of only Tweeting and Blogging short “ideas” about Connectivism. Well, the book chapter I wrote about … Continue reading

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How a Cooperative in Indonesia is Increasing Connectivity

((Re=>Blogged from: and the P2PFoundation blog: )) Dear all, This DIGICOOP smartphone activity is a wonderful example of a “#P2PCommons (Cooperative). I wish them a huge success and hope they will get the Kampongs online!!  My advice is to … Continue reading

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My Acceptance Speech at the HAN Polytechnic (in Dutch), sept 2006

Here is the Video recording of that speech as Lector Telecommunication Networks in Arnhem, The Netherlands: And here is the full text of the booklet handed to the audience and students PDF you can download ===> goed_verbinden_webversie-1 I was active as … Continue reading

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#NeoLiberalism is Finished

NeoLiberalism is finished.  Please note that I am not against commercial enterprises that innovate and take risks, they are great. No, I am against the Chicago School of Economics orthodoxy that blindly keeps telling everybody that EVERYTHING should be placed … Continue reading

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