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Are You Ready To Accept That Capitalism Is the Real Problem?

The article below is re-blogged with permission of author Martin Kirk. It connects very well to George Monbiot’s article: Both beg for an alternative and new & future proof ‘Doctrine’. IMHO  two books have laid the groundwork for that: … Continue reading

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Internets Expand in a Fractal Pattern

Dear Digerati and politicians, This Internet Fractal may help you get a better view on what this infrastructural life form is. And it explains why the Internet of Things (IoT) will be an in-house or In-building mini version of the … Continue reading

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About Our Connected Future, 5: Make Connections for Constructive Network Power

This is the book I intended to write. Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation and others insisted that I would write a book, instead of only Tweeting and Blogging short “ideas” about Connectivism. Well, the book chapter I wrote about … Continue reading

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How a Cooperative in Indonesia is Increasing Connectivity

((Re=>Blogged from: and the P2PFoundation blog: )) Dear all, This DIGICOOP smartphone activity is a wonderful example of a “#P2PCommons (Cooperative). I wish them a huge success and hope they will get the Kampongs online!!  My advice is to … Continue reading

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My Acceptance Speech at the HAN Polytechnic (in Dutch), sept 2006

Here is the Video recording of that speech as Lector Telecommunication Networks in Arnhem, The Netherlands: And here is the full text of the booklet handed to the audience and students PDF you can download ===> goed_verbinden_webversie-1 I was active as … Continue reading

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#NeoLiberalism is Finished

NeoLiberalism is finished.  Please note that I am not against commercial enterprises that innovate and take risks, they are great. No, I am against the Chicago School of Economics orthodoxy that blindly keeps telling everybody that EVERYTHING should be placed … Continue reading

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