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Is there Hunger in North-Korea? Possible actions.

These countries are most at risk of #hunger The map shows the countries with a high risk of hunger (the Hunger Index, calculated by the World Economic Forum), from which the WEF has statistics, that is. The full WEF article … Continue reading

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Want to make a Difference? Help AdoptaTeacher in Bandung

This education project is set up small scale,  to later “chain react” into the primary education of 7 million children, between 5 and 15 years, in Indonesia. Your assistance can have a huge impact. The situation  The level of education … Continue reading

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Blank’s Rule – To predict the future 1/3 of you need to be crazy

Hat tip to Iddo Bante who found this and posted it on LinkedIn. To predict the future 1/3 of you need to be crazy Summary: Searching for disruptive and innovative strategies, organizations often assemble panels of experts made up of … Continue reading

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The Netherlands: a Hub Country with Three Mainports

This is the text I wrote in 1997, after politicians asked me at the session where we defined the setup of ISOC.NL if we had something positive to present for them at the upcoming elections. Yes we did ! And … Continue reading

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