Want to make a Difference? Help AdoptaTeacher in Bandung

Beberapa murid seklolah dasar (SD) yang akan mengikuti ujian nasional berjalan di pematang sawah menuju sekolahnya di Nagari Balai Gurah, Kec. Ampek Angkek, Kab. Agam, Sumbar, Senin (7/5

FOTO ANTARA/Arif Pribadi/Koz/Spt/12.

This education project is set up small scale,  to later “chain react” into the primary education of 7 million children, between 5 and 15 years, in Indonesia. Your assistance can have a huge impact.

  • The situation 

The level of education in basic skills (reading, writing, calculations, basi physics and basic math, etc) has been tested in many countries and turns out to be very low in Indonesia. This was confirmed not only by the 3 year cycle of the worldwide PISA score, but also by local education authorities who score the teachers on a number of relevant competences for education. Of the the selected competences only four where developed well enough by the teachers. This cripples education and it seriously harms the future prospects of millions of children in society and economy.

So there is a lot of work to do, but unplugging a lot of tiny bottlenecks will no doubt have a huge effect on their future and…..ours. 

  • The project approach

Ranco Kraaijenbrink and his wife, who teaches at the international school in Bandung. have set up a crowdfunding progam from which they are starting to educate teachers with off-line and online tools and well tested education projects, so they can teach their own classes better. This in turn attract other teachers in the Bandung area. Supervision and accountability have been implemented.

  • What can you do ?

I recommend you take a look at the texts and video’s on this site and DONATE to the future of these kids:  http://adoptateacher.eduport.asia/en/home

  • You can contact them at:

Ranco Kraaijenbrink ; Bandung ; Republic of Indonesia;  Mob 081 312 366 377 ; Skype: Ranco.kraaijenbrink ;  Email: ranco.kraaijenbrink    (at)    gmail.com ; Twitter: @adoptateacher1


Jaap van Till, one of the ambassadors of AdoptaTeacher Bandung, and TheConnectivist 


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