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The American Nightmare

Dear readers, No this is not a product of my imagination, nor do I wish that this will happen. It is an unhappy blog, I do however post it because I consider the content of the article below important. I … Continue reading

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Important: the Mattereum Smart Property Register

Vinay Gupta gave a talk at the recent DevCon IV Conference. Below is the transcript of what he said and showed as published in   at : And ====> the video on Youtube  Vinay gave me permission to re-blog … Continue reading

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The Revolt, my Lightning Talk about what to do next

  See PDF of my sheets at =====>>  LightningTalk JvT   Jaap van Till, TheConnectivist

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Oppression and Liberty, the views of Simone Weil

This is heavy stuff. Sauron and the black magicians of Mordor will not like it that I write about them. Nor will the 1%ers, MBA profiteers, capitalists and power hungry dicktators who are building up their loyal hierarchies of nationalist … Continue reading

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