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Conference on Complex Systems, Amsterdam Sept 19 -22

CCS2016 = the Conference on Complex Systems 2016 in Amsterdam Sept 19 -22, which was a great success. Message from the Conference Organizers:  =========================== Quote ===================== ” Together we have made  CCS2016 in Amsterdam the largest complex systems conference on … Continue reading

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The way Ahead 9: Discussion on Jeremy Rifkin’s directions towards The Collaborative Age

Reblogged from two of Michel Bauwens articles on the P2P Foundation Blog: (1) (2) In “What to think of Rifkins Post-Capitalist Approach” Bauwens describes and comments on the recent PhD thesis with about the same title of Michael J. C.  McAllum, … Continue reading

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Vinay Gupta’s Idea to Nurture Venturists in a New Way

Vinay Gupta has invented a brilliant #Startup #Founding & #Funding approach. See the must see video of him explaining how and why he will approach the role of VC in a new way.    Important Video !!   And follow … Continue reading

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Uniek Initiatief: Vangnet Verzekering voor ZZP’ers: voorbeeld van een P2P Commons

  Recent ontmoette ik Jip de Ridder die samen met twee anderen een prachtig voorbeeld van een P2P Commons aan het construeren is: , thans in Betaversie online met ca. 87 deelnemers. Wat is het probleem wat zij bezig … Continue reading

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Kojin Karatani: “The Structure of World History”- The Four Modes of Exchange

Heavy stuff !! For political scientists and sociologists. But also an essential read for those who want to look ahead what may be coming (P2P Collaboration) in these turbulent transitionary times. This book (and his video-lectures explaining it, see the … Continue reading

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Barabási’s new book ‘Network Science’ is out at last. Great teaching material.

Is Connectivity your thing? Then NETWORK SCIENCE is your book. Buy the book at Amazon or read it free online at: You can read each chapter online there and sheets are also avialable for teaching & lectures.   Here … Continue reading

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European Commission Published Report about Broadband Speed in 2015

On June 22, 2016 the European Commission (policy project: Digital Single Market) has published the Analysis of Broadband Speed report. ================================================= Summary This study reviews global hardware and software/website based broadband performance measurements, by compiling and comparing results per month … Continue reading

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