European Commission Published Report about Broadband Speed in 2015

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On June 22, 2016 the European Commission (policy project: Digital Single Market) has published the Analysis of Broadband Speed report.


This study reviews global hardware and software/website based broadband performance measurements, by compiling and comparing results per month for EU and EFTA countries, as well as the USA, Japan, China and South-Korea.

Raw datasets per country were supplied by SamKnows, Ookla ( and Akamai, as well as processed from publicly available M-Labs data. The data in this project are as of 2007-2014. Longitudinal and correlation comparisons are made, next to Bland-Altman Plots to pair-wise compare measurement techniques. The impact of weighting datasets is assessed, with weights from regulatory data on take up by bitrate and technology.

To explain the differences and provide insights in the nature of the measurement results in-depth interviews were held with the OECD, the RIPE Atlas Project and dataset suppliers on measurement methodology and result aggregation methods.

The study finds unweighted aggregates to be best considered as rough approximations, due to panel bias towards higher (headline)*) speeds and aggregation methods. For use as a policy instrument it is better to focus on weighted data.

Future research could compare measurement results on a like-for-like base, for instance per IP-address, for all relevant measurement methods.

(Study reference: SMART 2013/0056)


You can download it at :

It has been compiled by Stratix , a consultancy company in The Netherlands.

For further information you can contact:

     European Commission
     DG Communications Networks, Content, Technology
     BU25 1/197
     B-1049 Brussels/Belgium

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