Vinay Gupta’s Idea to Nurture Venturists in a New Way

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Vinay Gupta has invented a brilliant & approach. See the must see video of him explaining how and why he will approach the role of VC in a new way.     Important Video !!


And follow his insanely sane stories about it Twitter:       And see the comments there !!         (   )

So, he is starting a venture capital project. Find out all about ” Hexayurt Guy Capital Partners”   

Crux is that he recognized that not Capital, but the [ brilliant and obsessed young whizz kids with ideals and imagination of possibly unlikely futures ] are the real scarce resource which must be nurtured and helped. From phases of developing to next phases or to new tries to baffle their friends and the bankers.

Creative Imagination is a very scarce resource indeed. Those who have it can get things done that most sane people could not even imagine or if they could, thought impossible. My MSc final year students in Delft University where like that. They baffled me again and again. One of my heros Ted Nelson once declared in front of an audience of ‘managers’, who showed disbelief  in what he forecasted : “I hope that you will understand that i am right wen it is too late for you to stop it. Imagination is scarce. Some managers I meet can not even imagine that others may have it” 

I wish the new VC Vinay Gupta success with his project, and maybe I will ask him to fund R&D of one of my new inventions. I wonder if he or others will set up a similar geek nurturing VC in Amsterdam?

jaap van till, TheConnectivist


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